herbie's mat or Funk Firm Achromat

Any one compare these two turntable mats? What are their sonic differences. I have a Rega P5 and am thinking of a mat other than the stock felt one.
I have well over 40 different mats from the late 1970's to current.

My favorite, (so far) is the Living Voice Mystic Mat, with the Funk Firm Achromat a close second. I have a Herbies and really didn't like it very much.

IMHO, between the two you have listed, I think the Achromat is better.
I'm currently comparing my long-standing Herbies mat with a Mooo Mat my wife bought me at AXPONA this weekend. They're different sounding.
Really depends on what table your using, my boston audio mat sounded awful on my last table and sounds great on my current one.

Also as a side note Herbie has around 5-10 different mats, you should check out his site.