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Phono/Preamp Discussion: The Missing Link
All I was saying is that after all is said and done between the extra cable run and the the two components, phono pre and SUT, that you will be close to the same price. I would never pay 4k for just a SUT. ha Sorry for the confusing statement. 
Opinions on bang for the buck on TT & tonearm
I just bought the Audience phono cable, love it. Let us know how you like the Arche headshell. I have been curious about them for a while but there is so little information available about them. 
Phono/Preamp Discussion: The Missing Link
The Auditorium/leben set up is pretty much my dream set up, though I do throughly enjoy my Allnic H 1201. What it comes down to Dfel is that even if your wanting to buy a good setup transformer and a good MM stage your still going to be spending a... 
What is the best phono preamp you have heard?
My Allnic H 1201 takes the cake for me. Its everything I looking for. 
Whats your take on the Ortofon SPUs?
Thanks for the detailed replies! Glad one of you, Wrm, is actually using the same arm I have too. I think I might just hold off until I have a dedicated arm for one before I get one. The idea of changing my setup around at this stage wouldn't be t... 
Big cartridge screws?
It really depends on what cartridge your mounting and if your trying to add extra mass with the soundsmith's. I needed a few extra grams to get my resonate freq right so I used their brass screws and they did the trick.Also since my cartridge also... 
On the hunt for best phono cable under $1k
Sorry totally forgot I posted this, I already have some Auditorium 23 ICs that i love but I needed a DIN to RCA for my new arm. To rap this up, after trying out a few different options, I ended up going with the Audience A24e "low" phono cable. 
Phono rig capacitance
Not qualified enough to respond but really interested in the answer to this. 
EMT TSD15 tonality..colouration ?
Which a23 sut truemaineiac? Whats your overall gain with that setup? 
Any Allnic H1201 owners out there?
Thanks for all the replies, this is pretty much what I was expecting to hear after reading every review I could get my hands on. Just wish I had the extra to spend on the H3000, ha. 
EMT TSD15 tonality..colouration ?
The only thing I have to say about it is this. Doesn't it sound great? If so then don't worry about it. Typing this while blasting some Radio Head using a TSD 15 
Headshell problems
Thanks for the response, did yours have any issues like that? Just seems strange to have such an expensive headshell have any mechanical issues. They made the arm and the headshell connection seems like it wouldn't be a problem to make them fit to... 
Buy? Used NAD 533 with RB250 and Goldring Elektra
I haven't heard that particular Pro Ject but I used to own an xpression that was great and my brother had a carbon that was pretty good. He ended up buying my xpression from me a year after. 
Wet Cleaning the Stylus
Why no Zerodust? 
Wet Cleaning the Stylus
I've been using a combo of the MoFi lp #9 and Onzow zerodust for a while with great results. I'll only really use the lp #9 when I'm done for the day.