Which Herbie's Product is Best?

Herbie's has several products which are targeted at isolation from vibrations. In your experience, what works better, the Tenderfeet or the Isocups with balls? Which of the balls do you recommend most? How do they compare to brass cones?
I have not used Isocups but I am very happy with the Tenderfoot footers.
The iso-cups with the standard balls are outstanding. The veils lifted at all frequencies can be jaw dropping. I have them under all of my components with no weaknesses that I can detect.

I have found cones to not yield linear results irregardless of whether they are brass, BDR, Polycrystal, etc.

I see that Steve is now selling a new decoupling base for use with the isocups/ball. Looks like I need to place an order!!!

So do you use 3 or 4 isocups per unit? I see a lot of recommendations for 3, but will the unit be stable with only 3 points?
3 is proabably more stable.
3 is more stable than 4 since they compensate on any underlying shelf irregularities. Herbies gives a money back guarantee so its worth experimenting; send back what you don't like. I've never sent back anythiny I've pruchased from Herbies; Steve's products seem to be uniformly outstanding.
I vote for the isocups too. I use Symposium Rollerball Juniors as well. I think they are slighly better, but you can get about 10 sets of isocups for one set of rollerballs, no contest. I bought mine with the acrylic balls, I asked about the ebony ones and he threw in a set free. What can you say about that. I could'nt hear much difference, as Herbie suggested I would'nt. The Big fat dots under my speakers are pretty good. as for the tube dampers, I do'nt think you can find cheaper anyware.
I use 4 isocups, but I use a tube amp waying 55Kg
As much as I like the Isocups, I still think that the choice between the two can be system and/or component dependent. You might find that some components work better with the Tenderfeet than they do with the Isocups. The great thing about Herbies is that you could experiment and if you find that one of the products didn't suit your needs, you could return it under the 90 day return policy. Herbies is one of the best and consumer friendly businesses out there. Although still use the Tenderfeet in my system, the Isocups are outstanding. I haven't tried much of the newer cups and balls Herbies Offers, but I've tried the Gabon Ebony and the some of the Hardballs. My favorite was the Gabon Gyro, which used Gabon ebony wood with ruby ball sandwiched in between. The Gyro added incredible holographic 3-D imaging as well as other benefits to my system. The Gyros were discontinued but sometimes I've seen them listed in the Closeout section of the website, or you could ask Herbie directly. I've never been a big fan of cones, but I have discovered other isolation products that I am enjoying. Hope this helps answer your questions. By the way, Steve at Herbies will also give you excellent advice about how his products work and which one might be best for your needs.
In my case, Steve recommended Tenderfeet for my transport and DAC, and Iso Cups for my Pre and Amp - I think it was an SS versus tube consideration.
Thanks for all the advice! I just ordered 4 Tenderfeet for my CD/HD player and 6 Isocups with lampblack balls for my preamp and preamp power supply.
Tenderfeet under my CDP and Iso-Cups w/ the previously available Ruby balls (3) under my integrated amp and Big Dots under my speakers. Steve has to steer me wrong with isolation recomendations. I also have used the Excellent Mat on an LP12 with outstanding results.
"Steve has 'yet' to steer me wrong"
I use Iso cup/balls. I also believe in using 3 but on my 55 pound CDP I didn't have confidence that something bad might happen so I went for 4 for added stability. Tendefeet were too bright/brash in the HF on my CDP.

I just installed Herbie's Audio Lab Iso-cups with Lampblack Balls with the new decoupling base upgrade. Using 3 of these under the CDP, Integrated Amp and Power Regenerator. Immediately noticed a deeper and wider soundstage, bigger 3D images, increased dynamics, smoother and more liquid midrange, focus and transparency improved. Cleaned up parts I didn’t know that could be improved. This inexpensive tweak was well worth its price.