Help Setting Up Quad System In Seattle

I have recently purchased an estate with a bunch of Vintage HI FI Equipment. Here is a list of equipment that I wish to test and put on the market. I would like to sell everything I can as a lot but will sell by the piece. This is not a complete list as there is lots to go through. I am new to this site and can use all the help I can get.


KEF KM1 Professional Monitor Speakers

2 Mark Levinson Oak Stands for Stacked Quad ESL 57s

1 Pair Quad ESL 57s

6 Quad 50Es

3 Quad 405-2

1 Quad 306

1 Quad 303

1 Quad 33

1 Quad 34

1 Quad AM3 Tuner

1 Quad FM3 Tuner

1 Quad FM4 Tuner
Not real sure what question you are asking, but sellers on this site usually place an ad when they want to sell something.
Welcome to Audiogon.
I am confused by your post. Your title says you are trying to set up a system, but the body states that you are simply trying to sell equipment. Please clarify.

Setup advice is welcome here, sales are not. Audiogon has a Marketplace section for you to sell your gear. Place and ad for sale or auction. The forum section is for discussion, recommendations and advice, not for buying and selling.
Buy the bluebook to research prices, or check Ebay under Completed Listings. Good luck.
If you are interested in parting with your stands, please let me know. You wont need them if you will be driving 1 pair of quads - Rich
Sorry about the confusion. I am new to this site and am trying to get information on what I have. I do not know how to set up and test the equipment I have. I would like to find someone local that can help me set this system up. Any help finding the right person would be highly appreciated.

Thank You
Sorry again,
I am new to Audiogon and to HIFI equipment. I am looking for someone in the Seattle area that could help hook up this system. I am not trying to sell it via this forum but to get input as to what I have. I ruined a reel to reel already and do not want to mess up any more.

Thank you
You should find a technician in Seattle. If it is old and has not been used in a long time turning it on may damage the equipment.