Which setting for 6ohm speakers?

Hey All!
I've got 6ohm speakers. Which should I use on my amp for the best performance...the 4ohm taps, or the 8ohm?
Also please educate me a bit and Tell me why?
Thanks and Happy Listening!
Hi Myraj

What speakers do you have currently and also what tube amp?

I have KEF Q300 speakers that are 6 ohm nominal and I use the 4 ohm tap of my Jolida 502P. From what I've been told many speakers that report 6 ohm impedance will dip down to 4 or go above 6 Ohms. It's usually not a flat curve. You might want to check with the speaker manufacturer to confirm. You could use the 8 Ohm tap even. I think though your amp may run hotter. You should probably also talk to the maker of your amp to confirm as well. Good luck.
Please, just listen to both and decide for yourself. We are not mind readers here. Either one is likely to sound best. You have to use those two things on the side of your head for that. Let your ears be the judge!
I always would set mine to the higher of the 2 settings. A dealer told me years ago that a 6 ohm speaker would not stress an 8 ohm amp and that you run the risk of overstressing a 4 ohm amp. Now I maybe wrong but that was the he described it to me. It made sense however someone with more experience and knowledge may chime in with better advice. You may or may not hear a difference, but it may be crucial to the life and performance of your amp and or speakers. A valid question that I don't recall seeing asked here before or at least for a long time. You could do a search for previous threads on this topic but hopefully someone else with
help. Most of the members here on AudioGon are very helpful and nice too.
Tom is correct. Try the two taps and see which one you like the best. It is just a matter of taste. Remember to turn your amplifier off before disconnecting speaker cables.
Obviously you are using a Tube Amp . In my experience with all things being equal [ volume control at the same setting ] the louder of the 2 taps usually is the best sound . As per the above posts listen to both and one will sound best . When listening for the best you will need to adjust the volume for the same level .
I agree with Tom6897, However, FWIW, IME, using the 4ohm taps will accentuate bass performance and the 8ohm taps will improve upper frequency clarity. Obviously it depends on your speakers actual impedence curve, not just the nominal rating, and your sonic preferences.