Help- Review on Phono Stage

I get email ads from Crutchfield Electronics.  Today was the top 10 products to review for 2019.

One item caught my eye....A Pro-Ject Tube Box S2 Phono Stage....Price $ 400.00 (currently out of stock).

No reviews currently available. 

I was hoping someone here has purchased this piece of equipment and would provide some honest and down to earth opinions as to its function and operation.  Did a search inquire and nothing came back.......

Thank You!
Do a general web search. 
Heres one.
Maybe not the latest iteration, but it should give you perspective.

Its a $400 unit. If you have an entry level table, and want to hear what the fuss is all about, it might give you an idea? Other than that, units at this level seem to be novelty over performance.

Someone will chime in on what's hot for a budget tube phono. 

Never heard it but a tube preamp for 400.00, I wouldn't expect much.
As stated, do your research but also check out "Parks Audio". I suspect they have something that price range & seem to be liked here. I bought one of their step up transformers a few years ago & was surprised how good it was.  
If you want an inexpensive tube phono here is another option. Many positive reviews!
I had one of their older phone stages, the Tube Box II and it was OK, but nothing to get excited about.  I didn't keep it very long.  The small format is nice.

For $400 I'd get a Parks Puffin.  I just bought one and to my ears it sounds better than my $1000 Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena, which is no slouch on its own.
At that price point, I’d go solid state: iPhono2.
Ok, thanks for the honest opinions from group.  I am currently running a C-J EF1 phono stage and it is still performing well.  No reason to take a step down.  Thanks again.
For solid state the Schiit Mani.