Help: Noisy Rowland 10 power supply

I did not use my Rowland 10 for several weeks; I left it plugged into the AC outlet, but not on.
When I turned it on today, there was a continuous loud buzzing sound from the power supply that didn't go away. Surprisingly, it could still produce music through my speakers. Any idea what's going on?

I've decided not to use it for now because I'm afraid I may damage it even more, and worse, I may also damage my speakers.

I will call Rowland on Monday ... but I just wanted some feedback this weekend, to release some tensions :(

You may just have a problem with a ground loop. You can search prior threads for solutions and discussion. Try a 2 to 3 prong adapt (from any hardware store) to defeat the ground on the Rowland and see if the hum goes away. If so, then you do have a ground loop and should follow the trouble-shooting steps discussed in prior threads to optimize how you get rid of it (i.e. not leave your amp's ground bypassed).

Best of luck,
If only it were a ground loop :(

I've already tried lifting the ground, and the noise is still there, just as loud. It's also not the same type of noise I hear from my preamp if the halogen lamp in another room is on.

One more thing .. I hear a pop through the speakers when I turn the amp on or off. This wasn't the case for the 1.5 years I've had the amp.

Thanks anyway.
Yo Jacpiii, it sounds like a diode or one of the filter capacitors gave up the ghost. I would suggest that you call Rowland and get an RGA (return goods authorization) for repair.
possible fuse same thing with mine
Thanks guys.

I just talked to Jeff himself, and he said I should send back the power supply.

Any recommendations how I should ship it. Surprisingly, he said UPS ground should be fine.