Cables for Rowland/B & W

I am upgrading my amp and preamp to Rowland 201 mono amps and Synergy II preamp. I also have B & W Nautalis 802 speakers, a Meridian 588 CD player/Cal Audio Labs CL-10 with a Birdland Ag DAC. I would like any suggestions for cables that match the Rowland/B & W equipment for detail and musicality. All suggestions are welcome and thank you again for your time and thoughts.
I'm running my Wadia 301 direct into a pair of JR201s that feed a pair of B&W 804 speakers. Wireworld Gold Eclipse III+ (XLR) IC and Kimber BiFocal XL speaker cables sound extremely good with this configuration - low level resolution, clarity as well as good tonal balance and extension at the freq extremes. Power cables are a combination of PS Audio Xstream Statement and LabII with High Current Ultimate Outlet.
Hi Bryan,

I have a Meridian 588 connected to a Rowland Concentra- not quite your system, but hopefully close enough to be a useful analogy. (Once it starts to show up on the used market, I'm hoping to try out the Rowland Concerto Integrated.)

Best interconnects between the two to date: Kimber Select 1130 (XLR). I compared this to Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway II, Wireworld Super Eclipse 5, and Kimber Select 1120.

In this system, the KS and Wireworld cables were in a different league than the Harmonic Tech. All had a much more vibrant presentation- in comparison, the HT cables sounded somewhat pale.

What distinguished the KS-1130 from the others was an improvement in natural tonal balance, and a more realistic soundstage, particularly in terms of image size and height.

Other system components:

Wilson-Benesch ACT-One speakers
Equi-Tech Son-of-Q power conditioner
Alpha-Core AG-2 speaker cables
JPS Labs Digital AC cord (to Meridian)
Granite Audio 560 Power cord (to Concentra)
Black Diamond Racing 'The Shelf' (Meridian)
Assorted Sonex and RPG room treatments

My comments on speaker cables in this system are here.

Good Luck,
I'm using a combination of Cardas Golden Reference (speaker cable, interconnects) and Shunyata power cords. My systems consists of the Rowland 201's (I'm using the Shunyata Taipan) and Rowland Concentra II (with Cardas Golden Ref PC) in a bi-amp setup. As far as PLC is concerned I've got the Hydra-2 primarily to cater for my source (CD and DVD players) with Shunyata Copperhead between Hydra-2 and mains.