Has anyone had a chance to here the new Rowland 501's?
I haven't heard the 501s but the 201s (250w/ch) sound wonderful. I bought a pair of 201s several weeks ago and am very impressed with their natural tonal balance, dynamics and low level resolution. My Wadia 301 CD player and B&W 804 speakers have never sounded better. I would imagine the 501s would have similar sound characteristics with more power.
Glen, what did you have before the 201's?
How do you like the 201's compared to the model 10? I've had the model 10 and am awaiting the new conceirto integrated.
Another question Glenalan, if you don't mind. How does that 250wpc deal with bass? Does it have a true big power amp's vise grip on the woofer or is it more "power on demand" type sound. I will eventually need a real powerful amp, I like the soft top end I have heard on the Rowland smaller power amps because my speakers can be a little too bright but also want power to control the big woofers on them.
Still no word on the Concerto Street? JRDG hasn't released them yet?
I feel a little frustrated with the dealer i bought mine thru. A dealer here on the gon. He told me they were to be shipped out in 2 weeks. That was 2 months ago. He took out a 1000 dollar deposit so i was stuck waiting. I called JR to find out the scoop, and thay said they had'nt even started production yet. As i understand it, they are finally finishing the production now and should be shipping out in the next couple of days. I'll post when i hear it...
FWIW, I asked JRDG about the Concerto a couple times earlier this year and they had expected to have it available many months ago, I suspect your dealer may have been getting the same info.

I am guessing that the Concerto will need a goodly amount of break in, if you'd like I would be willing to do it for you. (Smile)

Keep us posted.
I sent you an email but your spam blocker kicked it back. Call me at 615 269 5424 if you want to discuss it.
Five months ago, I mated a pair of 201's to my Vienna Acoustic Mahlers. Two 10 inch woofers, that many amps find difficult to control, mount to the side of each speaker. I find that the 201's unwaveringly control these woofers' magnificent perturbances. They absolutely deny deviations from the source. IMO, one cannot compare the 201s to the Model 10s or 12s. These perform in another league. They perform more like the 302s.

These/they = ?? Are you saying that the 201's are more like the 302's? Or the 10's/12's more like the 302's. Forgive me, but I am totally confused by your post.
I've now had 201's for about a month with close to 100hrs, and consistent with my experience on the Concentra II these amps are very quiet IMO very much a charateristic of all JRDG one could assume the same for the 501's.

They'll still need a lot more time to realize their full potential (as I'm still running them in), but my impressions thus far are that the highs are superb and these are fairly accurate amps.

I've got a pair of very demanding MBL 111B speakers (rated at 81db sensitivity, ouch!) and attempted using my Concentra II at first(for 2 weeks)to drive these German babies and whilst the integrated amp is no slouch they just could not control and perform they way they kicked ass on the ProAc's before them. In came the 201's patnering the Concentra in a biamp setup (with 201 on the high/mid and Concentra low's) and this was more like it. If you're familiar with MBL's you'll know that these are power hungry speakers which is why you see the big beefy MBL amps normally partnered with these speakers and 201's held their own which speaks a lot for these pair of "A4 size" amp.

The dealer where I live has a setup of the Synergy IIi, 501 or 201 with the MBL 111B or 101E which is one of the best setup I've heard so far.


I heard the 201's a few times and the 501's for a few hours. The 201's have problems to control very demmanding speakers with a big driver/s. They are a little leaner, bright and make you feel they are quicker, more focused, more detailed, than the 501's. I never had the feeling that they are a real 250Wpc, like others transistors amps I know. The 501's is more natural sounding and have more power than the 201's. They have a better balance, dynamics, low level resolution and a better control in the bass frequences.

I hope this help,

Prior to owning the 201s, my system (see below) was powered by a Rotel RB1090 amp (380 w/ch). The sound was quite pleasing – well-controlled full body bass, tonally well balanced with good frequency extension. I had no immediate desire to upgrade the amp until I was offered to home auditioned the JR 201s. What impressed at first was the improved transparency and refinement to the sound. I heard more texture and image specificity without glare or forced projection to give the impression of greater clarity. The 201s sound quick, but there’s a natural non-fatiguing ease to its presentation. For such petite looking amps I was absolutely amazed with the weight and extension of the bass. Some may prefer a little more bloom and warmth to the 201s taut and vibrant reproduction of the lower frequencies. But I found this very natural and rhythmically compelling. Even at low listening levels the sound field remained detailed and balanced and without losing dynamics. The 201s had no trouble powering my current hungry B&Ws to very loud levels (25’ x 18’ x 10’ room). In fact those who own B&W 804s and feel they are bass shy should consider a better quality amp like the 201s. These amps sound neutral and don’t colour or emphasis any part of the spectrum. Because of their efficient power capabilities and musicality, I would imagine the 201s suiting a wide range of systems. However, if your system tends to sound cool or bright, the 201s impressive resolution and clarity may be too much of a good thing. As they say, hear it for self and decide.

I haven’t auditioned any of the more expensive JR range or other similar priced amps.
The above observation were made by running my Wadia 301 direct into the 201 power amps using Wireworld Gold Eclipse III XLR interconnects, Kimber BiFocal XL speaker cables, and PS Audio Ultimate Outlet with LabII and Statement power cables.
Linkster, I meant that the 201's behave more like the 302's.
I disagree with above apprasial from Tomer. To compare both the 201s and 501s in different environments and systems over a few hours may have given Tomer the wrong impression about these wonderful amps.

These amps definitely sound much better after at least 100hrs of use. I've been using the 201s at home for approx 6 mths and recently recently audition the 501s at home in the same system over several weeks. Both amps sound tonally similar with outstanding low level detail and dynamics. However the 201s did sound slightly sweeter, smoother and more coherent compared to the 501s. I suspect this difference was more to do with the 501s lack of proper break-in rather than a sonic signature between both amps. During medium to high listening levels there was slight more ease to the 501s sound presentation but this was only noticable on close comparison between both amps. The 501s would obviously suit those who have bigger rooms, demanding speakers and like listening at loud levels. Otherwise the 201s is the more economical and just as musically satisfying choice.