Help needed on JMLAB Utopia monitor range...


I've recently experienced a superb demo of the JMLAB Mini Utopia monitor speakers.
Very nice synergy with my amplifier

But I still have a couple of questions I hope someone here can help with:

1) How do the Mini Utopia's compare to the newer Micro Utopia BE range soundwise?
(haven't heard the Micro's yet...)

I know about the special BE-tweeter qualities, but I'm more interested in the overall sound trade-off.
Should they be regarded as totally different speaker or are the very much alike?
What's the trade off for the better tweeter?
Or is the Micro by all means better?

2) Can the new Electra 1007BE monitor hold up to either the Mini Utopia or the Micro Utopia BE?

3)Should I worry about the pair of Mini Utopia's being almost 8 years old? (1999)

My current set:

Denon DVD-3910 cd transport--> AudioNET SAMv2 DAC+Amplifier-->Quad 22L speakers (LAT int. cabling)

All comments are welcome...
A couple of impressions...which may or may not be helpful, as I've not heard the micros...

My tastes are toward a relaxed sounding speaker, with decent weight in midrange, and without any metallic edge to the upper range of the female voice (my pet peeve...)

I really, really wanted to like the 1007's, but they sounded quite bright to me, and vocals sounded edgey.
Conversely, I found the Utopia series (I listened to the L & R's, alto, and nova's) possessed the best compromise of midrange resolution, weight, and smoothness without congestion of any speaker line I heard.

I purchased the L & R's which have the same array as the old mini's....although they add in a 10in side woofer. They are quite impressive, but pricey. On the other hand, you are getting the same midrange and high end array of the Novas.

If you are a ways from sidewalls, I would wonder if the Divas would work?
Hey Ricky, thanks for taking the time to write down your opinion.

I already found the Mini Utopia a weeny tiny bit aggressive/bright(mid-high?), so the 1007's are probably not a wise idea?

My listening area is not so big so I've decided to go for stand mounts. Lack of bass in not an issue ...
As a previous owner of 907be's and a current owner of 927be's, I am quite familiar with the 9xx series. I listen to mostly less that perfectly recorded material and the be tweeter has never been a problem. They reproduce what is on the recording and IMO present the information in a more natural and smoother way than say aluminum or titanium tweeters. I liked the 907 so much I went with the 927 (it is for a larger room). The 927 is a bit warmer over all than the 907 (full range vs. monitor)which gave me a bit more of the leading edge of the mid/ lower frequencies. That said the more full range presentation of the 927s is giving me details in the mid/ low range that I haven't heard in my room before. The Micro be's were fantastic when I audioned them and I plan to purchase a pair and couple them with a sub for a dedicated listening room. Micros are a great speaker and were fuller than the 907s (between the 907/927. The micros sound like they would fit your requirments very nicely. I haven't heard the 1007's and I hope they haven't tilted the balance toward the bright side because what they had been doing was working quite well. It is possible that the 1007s weren't broken in, they do requre a break in period and the sound changes quite a bit (fattens up, in a good way).
1007 be and micro utopia be are quite different, well not day and night different of course.

1007 be is more open and transparent, and brighter towards metal and edgy side. normally brighter speakers sound open. however overall still quite ok for me. micro be is warmer in midrange and more gental in treble. however the biggest improvement is the bass. the bass is warm, detailed and round, with a bouncing feel.