New Focal.JMlab Electra speakers

The new Focal.JMlab Electra line looks awesome, I guess Focal is finally getting serious about going after B&W 800-series buyers. I believe they are schedule for a Fall intro. in the US. Does anyone have any addt'l info. on these speakers (1027 BE & 1037 BE)?
Where did you get that info? The new Electra line is called "Profile" and is already appearing in some stores.
They have a new tweeter and redesigned cabinet. The Electra 907 and 937 Be models were only made in limited numbers, of about 500 or so, but the Electra Be tweeter doesn't have the same x-over network of the Utopias.
Oh, and Focal has always produced better speakers than B&W, at least in my opinion. The B&W 800 series sound lifeless compared to the Electra line, but that's just my opinion.
I own Electra 936 speakers. Check out the Focal website for all current information.
You can see some scans of the Electra 1027Be and Electra 1007Be here:;action=display;num=1122936459;start=10#10

I have posted this before, it is in norwegian, but you you can check out the scans.

They are out already here in Norway, and they look a bit like Sonus Faber :o)
Is the new Profile good?

Could anyone who have auditioned it share their views?

many thanks!
The Profile actually replaces the Cobalts and not the Electras. The new Electra line definately has my interest.
Thanks for the info. My dealer's website words it as if the Profiles are replacing the Electras. Thank god that's not true, I think the Profiles are ugly.
Those Electras do look very promising, but I've yet to hear or see them...thanks for the lookout.
It looks like they're scheduled for a worldwide release in September (next month). It might take a couple of months before US Dealers take delivery. This is why the old Electra line including Be models are being deeply discounted. The 1007Be (stand-mount) and 1027Be (floor-stander) will be the first 2 models released, with the larger 1037Be to soon follow. These 3-models will complete the new Electra line. see link:
Here's another link. This new line seems much more living-room friendly than the outgoing Eletra line (and current Utopia excluding Diva). Outside of sonics, it's the small foot-print/easy-placement and nice-asthetics of the B&W 805, 804, 803 and 803D that make them such big-sellers.
I have a pair of the old Eletras 926 and I'm considering a upgrade. I like the quad 988 for their price. I don't see many of them in the vitural systems. What are your opions. Should I wait till I could afford a pair of wilson sophias or mabye a monitor from the new Eletra line with new electonics. The rest of my system consist of ps audio PCA-2/HCA-2, benchmark DAC, music hall mmf-5, creek phono stage and cardas and ps audio cables.
I had just listened to the Electra 1027Be last Wednesday.

The speaker just arrived in Singapore. The dealer is testing the speaker. SACD Marantz SA15S1 & integrated
amp Korsun V6i were used to drive the speaker.

I did listened to the BMW 802D before. As compared, the JM lab sound is more open & lively to the BMW.

The speaker just arrived in Singapore. It had not be run-in yet.

Price of the speaker is about S$10K. The 1007Be (stand-mount) is around S$5K as what the dealer told me.