Recommended Cables for JMLab 937be speakers

I am looking to upgrade my current Zu Wax speaker cables (8ft lengths). My associated gear is Pass x2.5 pre, Pass X-250 amp, Marantz SA-14 CD, and Marantz TT-15s1 turntable and of course the JMLab 937be speakers. My interconnects are harmonic Tech pro-Silway IIs. I have heard good things about the Analysis and Acoustic Zen cables and I am very happy with my harmonic interconnects. What are your experince with the JMLab speakers, thoughts, suggestions? I am looking to spend around $500 used. I have no local dealers so trying before buying isn't much of an option. I listen to a broad range - rock, country, easy, blues.
They did a review in Stereophile mag not too long ago and would assume they used a few. You may be able to find it on line and can read the article and maybe get a tip on what worked for them.It was a very favorable review if my memory serves me correctly........
I have that one but forgot about it. I will have to dig it up and see what they used although they probably use the same "reference cables" whenever they test equipment so it may not necessarily be what they thought would be a good match. I have searched here and over on the asylum but haven't found to many people who have the JMlabs line, especially the electra be's. So I have seen little in the way of cable recommendations. There is nothing wrong with the Zu Cables that I am currently using, I am just looking to try something to compare them to and see which I like better.
I had the priviledge of hearing all of the audioquest interconnects and speaker cables on a pair of 927BE's starting at the diamondback and pikes peak. Each step up interconnect was better until we got to the cheetah and sky. These two were in a league of their own, I bought cheetah as I could not justify the cost of the sky. As for speaker cables the Monte Blanc produced the fullest, smoothest most unbelievable tonal balance I have heard from a pair of sub $20,000 speakers. The volcano, kilimanjaro and everest were better still but they were out of my budget. If you can afford the cheetah or sky interconnects with Mont Blanc I assure you, you will be pleased. We were using a Bryston SP1.7, 4BSST, Arcam entry level CD player.

Thanks, have you heard different manufacturers cables on the 927e's as a comparison or just the audioquest line? I have not personally tried any of the audioquest products.