Be-wire or not be-wire Jmlab Electra 926?

Some speakers respond better then others to be-wiring. Do you have any experience with Jmlab Electra 926 on this issue?
I'm not sure what be-wiring is, how ever bi-wiring often depends on cable, amp and speaker synergy and like most audio tweeks personal taste. If you have the cables and an amp capable give it a shot. Other wise wait for more reply's then me being an English teacher :)
Yes, they need to be bi- wire or have your cables shotgun or
use jumper. All 4 post need to be connected.I am using SONORAN speaker cables,what will you be using.They are EXCELLENT Speakers
926 luvs juice and greatly benefits from high power.
I believe that be- amping will even be much better.
If you do have one powerful amp, than I believe that be- wiring wouldn't make sence in most of the cases.
I use a bare wire threaded through both terminals with no jumpers thus maintaining a purity of connection and from time to time I clean wires with kontact cleaner.
Thanks for your suggestions.

I use a single run of Analysis Plus Oval 9 so far.