help need in choosing a $800 to $1500 cd player

hi all,

Help needed in picking a CD player in the 800 to 1550 dollar price range. On my short list are

A Quad 99CD-P/2, Jolida JD-100A, Rega Apollo, Music hall CD25.2 L-1 with Undewood mods, Njoe Tjoeb 4000 with upsampler and a used Sony SCD-777Es sacd/cd.


You might want to save some money and at least check out the new Cambridge Audio Azur 640 v2 CD player. Although it does not have upsampling or HDCD decoding, it has individual DACs per channel and absolutely sings. It is noticeably superior to the previous iteration, and that one played to rave reviews in the British press. I have a number of friends who have replaced their high profile players, including a couple on your list, with this one, simply because it sounds better.
Good luck.
It looks like you have found the usual suspects in your price range. The Quad player is a very nice sounding player and gives you digital inputs so you can also use it as a DAC. This is a way cool benefit if computer music or another source may be in your future.. My nod goes to the Quad..

Good Luck!
Do you know of Cayin? Take a look.
Eastern Electric gets a lot of recommendations in your price range.
You might also consider a used Arcam CD192, FMJ CD23, or FMJ CD33.
Add these to your list:
Arcam FMJ CD23 used
Cary 303/100 or 303/200 used
Rega Appollo new
A used Audio Aero Prima is a wonderful choice. No sacd, however. At $1500 you are very close (brand spanking new) to AA's newest Prima. I sold mine a few months ago, making way for a player that does sacd/dvd-a. I don't think you will be disappointed with the Primna. Check the archives. peace, warren :)
Rega Jupiter 2000 used; or Rega Apollo new.
add Meredian 508.24 and Audio Research CD2 to your list. These 2 players will be tough to beat even with the newer stuff.
hi folks,

Thanks for all of your recomemndations. They were helpful.

After some thought, I ordered an Apollo from Uptown Audio in Ronaoke VA. Very nice folks on the phone line. They have a lot of high end gear and specialize in analog. They have 6 complete analog displays in their show room. The owner said the Rega is the most analog sounding CD player he has ever heard including players up to several times its price.

I ordered one. I will update you all as to how it sounds.

good listening all,

Nice job on the update Larry. All too often folks ask for advice and don't update their decision or direction. Best of luck with your new Apollo!
I second the Meridian 508.24, that has been my main cdp for almost nine years now and I wouldn't trade it for any other player.
hi folks,

I got the Apollo yesterday and have listened to it a bit today. First impressions .... it sounds like a good analog table. Lush, musical, articulate and very captivating. As I listened I delayed analizing it and just listend to the great music coming from it. I'll post a followup.

Keep us posted on what you're hearing as you break it in. I think there was some talk about the software glitches / read problems but maybe I'm confusing this with the Quad 99 CDP.