Help me replace my b&w 802d's

I bought 3 b&w 802d's last year as a birthday present to myself. Unfortunately, I have them placed along the long wall of my room, because of my display location. 2 803n's in the rears. Because of location I am sitting too close to the 802d in my opinion. Even with toe in and tilting the speakers forward a

I think I would be better served getting a good dub and 3 smaller front speakers, but i still want a very high end sound. Suggestions?
How far do you sit from your speakers?

Not sure a sub and monitors will solve the diver integraton issues. It might actually make it worse. Or is the height the issue?

See if your dealer will let you take the new 805D home and see what you think. They are pretty small and I would think an in home demo would be pretty easy. But there are a lot other brands too.
I sit probably 9 feet away, which I think is too close with these speakers. I once had 805n's but I was going for the higher end of the b&w line. Yes, I think height is definitely an issue but I have tilted the speakers forward somewhat with the spikes and still perceive the problem.
BTW why the 3rd 802D instead of their top or near top center ch speaker instead?

not sure about all the particulars here, but I'm suspecting your problem is one too many 802Ds.

Room size and seated position does matter about as much as does the amplification too.

It must be a large room and the display must be well up to clear the center 802.

I’ve seen other threads like this where someone was talked into buying uber speakers all around only to find out later it was severe over kill… and really not necessary. One person posted here saying they had bought 801s up front and 802s for rears. I forget the center ch type. They posted the 802s for sale a few months later as their dealer apparently said ‘No dice” for a return at that time.

I’d say have a look at the newly designed array for HT that Phase Technologies has developed. I think it’s called DART.

otherwise, I’d say get the BW top center speaker and a pr of 801s or 800s to replace the 802s…. unless you’re gonna be taking a big $$$ hit reselling…. Then again, I’d seek a tuned dedicated array, eg., DART or some other likewise outfit… and then have it setup and tuned professionally. Professionally, by tuning professionals… not sales people. Well designed and adjusted systems can cost less in the long run and perform more optimally than simply buying the more expensive items..

Whatever happens though I hope your final results exceed your expectations and turn out great. Good luck.
9 feet is ok for these speakers. You may need room treatment. The only minor issue with the 802d is the scoop/dip in the midrange. This may mean that dialog is hard to hear on some movies unless you crank it and listening position (where they sound good) will be rather restricted (their presentation will be quite sensitive as to which way you point them because the mid range is like a narrow beam flashlight). You can compensate by turning down the bass and treble slightly.
I wanted a matching 802 center because I am very into listening to MC SACDs, for which 3 matching front channels are helpful. I do have some room treatment on the front corners and front wall, also the rear wall. Thinking about trapping the rear corners next.
I use an Anthem D2V with ARC, at this point I am correcting up to 5k, which does compensate for the "BBC" dip.