Headphone replacement cables?

Is there anywhere I can get a replacement cable and the foam ear cushions for Grado headphones? It seems every pair of headphones I buy the cord shorts out (from normal everyday twisting and pulling) and I hate to have to keep buying a whole set of headphones just because the cable goes bad. Suggestions for DIY also appreciated.
Piano, last December one side of my ebay-purchased Grado SR225s went out. I brought them to a Grado dealer and they sent them out. Even over the Christmas holiday, they were back in about a week with part of the cord replaced and good as new. it cost me 8 bucks for shipping. Grado also has replacement cushions--just give them a call or visit a dealer if there's one near by.

What model do you have? I love my 225s--bought them after being really impressed with a friend's 80s. I was talking to her the other day and she mentioned that she's been wanting to move up in the line, heh. maybe I need to sell her mine and get some RSs ;)
Todd the Vinyl (and Headphone) Junkie sell the Grado "flat" pads, which most people prefer to the stock "bowl" pads that come from Grado. His online store is accessible from www.head-fi.org (Todd is one of the head-fi sponsors, so you will find a link to his store on the home page). I think they cost about $15 per pair (or so) but I'm not sure.

There are several DIY guys at head-fi who could replace the cables for you. Depending on which Grados you have, it may be worth it to consider one of the higher end replacement cables such as those offered by head-fi member Xanadu777 (Larry). His website is www.headphile.com. He uses silver wiring which provides significant sonic improvements. The cost is about $100, more or less, so it would make sense with the RS-1, RS-2, but not the SR-60, SR-80, etc.

There are a bunch of other guys over at head-fi who could help you if you're looking for a quick fix. Last but not least, John Grado is notorious for providing first class customer service. Check Grado's website (they're based in Brooklyn); I'm sure they can help.