Tweeter Replacement for Acoustic Energy (UK made) - AE2's and AE5's

I have a pair of each AE2's and AE5's - circa 1997.  Both had SEAS - The AE5's Original was 25 TAFCD/W AE - H 849 8ohm The AE2's had 25TACF/W-AE which AE said a few years ago to use the 27TBFC/G - H1212-06 - which I did replace in the AE2's, acquiring from Madisound here in the USA, yet had an issue with one so I want to replace both again, plus the AE5's.
My recent communication with AE, they are stating they can now provide all replacements, yet pricing is high, plus they said the AE2 tweeters would need a component change to the crossover, which they would supply.  AE is not providing specific info on the replacements as they want me to go through them, moreover there Replacement cost's quoted are very expensive, furthermore the crossover component change with the AE2's complicated the situation even more.

Originally, a few years ago I was looking to upgrade all Tweeter's, even with a different manufacture other than SEAS if necessary, yet continued to be told the H1212-06 was the best solution.

Now with the higher pricing from AE Direct, I have been extensively researching options to no avail due to all the variables to properly match and maintain, if not improve the total high-end performance these speakers provide.
Any comments, sources or suggestions would be Greatly Appreciated. I Thank You in Advance.