replace Cardas 300B Micro with what?

I borrowed a Cardas 300B Micro IC from a friend and I like it but would like something more refined and detailed. Should I just buy a more expensive Cardas cable? If so which one?

Also has anyone tried Innersound IC's? Does anyone know how they sound compare to the Cardas? I remember a thread where the person liked them.

thanks in advance to everyone,
Mo re expensive Cardas ICs will bring more refinement. A few years ago I was using Cardas Microtwin and upgraded to Golden Cross. While being easy to listen to the Micro was bloated and slow. The Golden Cross were more natural, warm and full without the bloat, while still being detailed. I got the improvements you seek, but there's was a big price difference.

You might want to consider the Golden Reference and the less expensive Harmonic Technology ProSilway II which is very good as well. Good luck!
Thanks Gunbei, the guy who sold me my Plinius SA100 MKIII amp told me he liked Harmonic Technology wire with it and I may try it. Good description on the sound of the Cardas, that sound is just what I was looking for.
Try XLO's excellent (and inexpensive) Pro-150 interconnect. 1-M about $80-90 US$ I believe. Without a doubt this one has to be the best interconnect I have heard for the price. Pro-125 is a bit cheaper--$40-50, still-good, but not as refined, open or detailed as Pro-150. Ensure cable is burned-in for 50-100 hours before evaluating.

peter jasz
Try Cardas neutral reference .Stay with a proven 25 year old company.