Help in new processor purchase

Howdy…gonna do an upgrade soon, need advice.  Current system:Anthem avm 60  , Lexicon ZX-7 amp, Revel 5.1 with F208’s and Revel sub, Thinking about upgrading to Anthem avm 90, or McIntosh MX123.  
I primarily listen to 2 channel high res in 5.1, and music dvd’s.  Not much of a movie guy.  My room is mid sized and kinda oddball shaped, think I need some significant room correction, especially to fix muddy bass.  Suggestions, caveats?



The AVM 60 is great and has pretty darn good room correction software — is that not working?  My first recommendation would be to add a second sub to improve/even out bass performance and enhance overall imaging/soundstage.  Just my $0.02 FWIW, and best of luck. 

My room is mid sized and kinda oddball shaped, think I need some significant room correction, especially to fix muddy bass.

I would treat the room before buying anything new, otherwise not much point.

I would recommend a room kit from As far as a new processor goes don’t pay for features you won’t use. Maybe an 11 channel atmos/auro 3D channel processor is a better fit than a 16 channel processor like the AVM 90 or 13 channel MX123. Maybe the Mac MX-100 or their new 7.2 channel receiver which can expand to 7.2.4:




Room treatment and EQ your subs, then switch to a 2-channel integrated. :) You don’t have to have room correction to EQ subs but they sure help.

Another alternative is the Anthem integrateds or 2 channel preamps with ARC

For room treatment, the GIK Acoustic Soffit Traps are really hard to beat in terms of lower octave performance. 2" panels can't perform well below ~ 100 Hz or so.

Thanks guys…plan to address the bass issue with 2 JL audio subs, I hear the correction/software they have for tuning works great.  Have a little bit of acoustic treatments, somewhat limited by French doors(!) and wife!  Want to upgrade for atmos and newer hdmi cords, etc.  love my ZX-7 amp…..


I have an atmos system and if you are heading in that direction I would check out the Anthem AVM-70 or the Mac MX-100 as you probably will be going with a 7.2.4 system. The AVM 90 is a premium price for people using 4 subs. Don’t pay more for features you likely won’t use. I have an open door in the back of my room instead of french doors and have a portable bass trap, I just move it to the corner when not in use. You may want to check out Auralex pro panels or acoustimac custom panels which can look like art work. This is the Auralex portable bass trap:


Thanks gentlemen, I do have a “subdude “ (?) bass trap seems to help. Anyone have experience with Anthem room correction vs Audyssey?

we used to sell anthem had a recent falling out the avm 70 is far betterthen the 60


please contact us for an in depth discussionof the 60 vs 70


Dave and Troy Audio intellect nj


former anthem dealer



I use both Anthem and Audussey. If you get Audyssey do the upgrade to MultQ-X and you will find they both do a great job.

Unlike @audiotroy I have my ACTUAL system and graphs of each room correction posted in my profile. 

While I respect JL Labs subs a lot, I’m not sure you need to go to that level of expense for great sound. These SVS SB1000 Pro subs get you down to 20Hz (-3dB) and are very room friendly at what are basically only 13” cubes, and you can get two for only $1150 and include very good integration software. They offer a truly risk-free, 45-day in-home trial including shipping both ways so you can see if they do what you need. Just trying to save you some $$$, and best of luck.