HELP I need alot of audio advice....

I recently purchased a home theatre systems consisting of PSB Image 5ts, 9c and 2bs. My receiver is a Denon 3802. I am running the hsu vtf-3 sub. The cd player is an Apex 800 which is doubling as cd/dvd player. Occasionally, with the help of a well recorded dvd I get great sound; very realistic; but on the norm the stereo cd's and records (played on a Denon DP-47F) sound like dukie. I need some recommendations for upgrades; cables, separates, speakers, cd player or whatever. I'm in much 2 deep....
My advice to you is to change your CD/DVD player or go CD and DVD player seperately. What accessories do you have like cables and interconnect? What is your budget? Please give more information.
1 dump the Apex ASAP get a good new player like the sony 555 combo unit, or a 9000 at least or get seperates like a Rega Planet. It depends on what you want to spend. I would try a Nad PP1 phono section. The Denon one may not be too great. To really offer advise you have to give a budget.
The Apex is not what you want for music to shine in your system, I agree with Highend and Weiserb, upgrade it first with something better for music.
Very few DVD players are tolerable for CD playback, and even fewer are actually good. The handful of *really* good ones cost well north of $2K. Unless you're prepared to spend that, get a separate CDP for sure.

I'm not really familiar enough with the rest of your gear to discuss it. Hopefully it's all better than the Apex, which is definitely a weak link.

Like the others said, some idea of budget would help, as would knowing the kind of music you like. Most A'goners are music lovers first and HT users second, if at all. You're in the right place, but be prepared for some major sticker shock from some of the advice you may receive!
You don't need a lot of advice--you've chosen your equipment very well, with only one obvious exception. Apex is an off-brand with a poor reputation. A name-brand DVD players (Sony, Pioneer, etc.) will serve you much better.

The other thing you shuld do is play around a little with speaker positioning--it can make a bigger difference than changing anything in your system (the Apex excepted).
You might want to consider a used, older DVD/CDP. RIght now, Sony DVP S-7000 or Pioneer Elite DV-05 or 09 are available for $250-500.00 and would be a major upgrade to your APEX. The Sony compares quite favorably (not as good, but not a major step down) to a $4500 list/$1900 used transport/DAC combo in my system.
I'll defend APEX. You get a lot for your money. However, I would never use the audio outs. Use the digital outputs only and use the Denon's internal d/a. It should make a huge difference!
The biggest improvement will be changing the cd player, maybe check out Sony 555, Rega or Audio Research CD-1 as all three are nice payers. How much are you into 2 channel, as in most cases it's tuff to get the best of both worlds HT and 2 channel. If your happy with the speakers I would consider looking into changing the denon and replacing it with seperates if it's in the bugget. I'm 2 channel first then HT and could never have both in one room, tried it and hated it so I dedicate one room for 2 channel and one for HT.
Happy Listening!
Apex is junk...go philips dvd963sa sacd/dvd player for under $500 online...has seperate audio/video upsamples to 24 bit...great player all around...
Besides the philips sacd/dvd player, you can check out the sony dvp755 progressive scan dvd/sacd player which new is only $250. I use it in my bedroom stereo and it's a great dvd player and a not bad cd player. I strongly suggest that you have it modifed by Matthew Anker ( website, who modified my other sony sacd player) and for another $300-$350 you'll have a killer player. And you can take advantage of the sonic and multi-channel aspects of SACD and of progressive scan if and when applicable.

Good luck and enjoy.
Thanx 4 all the advice....I am now in the market for a phillips dvd964.
What are you interconnects? If there are the ones that came with your componets toss them and get some Rat Shack gold or AR's basic interconnects these should be under $20 each and get some 14 ga. wire.
I am going to take it back a step. If you are new to this hobby and dukie sounding means glaring in the mids -I have some bad news. If not- just ignore me.
The "better" your system the more finicky it will be with recordings. (you can blame the recording or the eqipment)If you like to listen to mainstream recordings- just forget about spending more money. However I DO agree with all the preceeding posts-just don't get your expectations too high. I am familiar with the Denon and the PSB-not APEX. Rega, Audio Research, will likely help- but are costly. A highly revealing modded player may not be a good idea. I don't want to ramble on cause I do not have a full understanding of your problem. You can e-mail me if I am on track.
The dvd-963sa is a good choice. It is a very good sounding cd and sacd player. I have not seen its video though. You might also want to look at the Pioneer Elite dv-45a. It plays everything. cd cdr dvd video dvd audio and sacd. I have one in my video system and it plays dvds great (component video out to the hd monitor and digital audio out to the denon receiver.