Heavy speaker shipment

I have a problem and I figure that you all might be able to help out with. I am buying and selling a pair of speakers. The same individual that I am buying my new speakers from is selling me his pair and it was my intention to have one shipper drop off one pair and pick up the other pair at the same time. The problem is that I can ship my speakers from my work to his residence, but Bax will not pick up from a residence, only deliver to one. I'm trying to make this whole arrangement as simple as possible. My crate weights 305lbs and his two weigh ~170lbs each. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what reputable company might be able to offer this kind of service at a fair and reasonable cost. Thanks...Skip
Try FLS, they are an air freight carrier. They delvered a pair of 550 lbs speakers to me. I do not know if they will pickup. Good luck
Pilot air freight is said to do it all, they are on the internet. Cost will be high no matter who you get I would guess.
Try Vintage Transport. They are also known as Smallmoves. Their telephone number is 800-333-0056. I used them at the seller's suggestion to deliver a pair of Apogee Duetta Signature speakers from a residence in California to my residence in Miami, Florida. They arrived in absolutely prefect condition and the delivery guys placed these beasts in place on the floor of my listening room.

They are not inexpensive, but I firmly believe that any company that could transport heavy, large unwieldy packages inexpensively will likely demolish them. I am not willing to take that risk.

Good luck.

About 10+ years ago, I got my B&W800's shipped to me 2nd day air. All went well. Done by Fedex. The shipment weighed 768lbs.

How fortunately you can't use Bax. I have used them twice. Twice they damaged the goods;twice they refused the claim. In both cases we're talking forklift caused damage.
Here is THE answer:

Team Air Express, based out of Texas. I use the SF, CA location ALL of the time, from 60" RPTVs, to Nautilus 801 from SF to Singapore!

I have used them for 4 years in my audio/video path to perfection ('men working', shocker, eh?) and with about 50 transactions, one claim, a $40 clip for a tweeter housing!

Get this! They NOT ONLY will pick up at residences, but some locations, (mine and most) will even PACKAGE such heavy items for shipping!

Give them a try! One dealer I bought from in Florida couldn't believe how great they were and SWAPPED his OWN carriers!

Krell and I use Ocean Air for the heavy Krell amps.
I did use Ocean Air to ship an amp, they were a great company and did a good job, picked up the amp at my home a couple hours after I called them.
UPS Freight Delived a martin logan monolith from Canada to Bronx New York, all in one piece Delivered to my home.
Thanks everyone. You know it's really great to get so many helpful responses. I really appreciate all of your ideas...Skip