Buyer request to delay shipment after purchase

Hi All,
Unless I'd missed something, there doesn't appear to be a dedicated forum thread to discuss the nuts and bolts of selling/buying on AG, so I'm posting here.

I have a potential buyer who'd like to make a purchase, but would like shipping delayed for a couple weeks while he's on vacation. This doesn't sound like it would be difficult to do, but I've not yet handled a similar request, so I'm wondering what's the best way to do it. Thanks and appreciate the help!
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I’ve been in that situation a few times both as a buyer and seller and it’s never been an issue. As long as the item is paid for, both parties have good feedback and a clear agreement is made I wouldn’t expect a problem.
It seems like a legitimate request. As long as you have been paid, why the worry?
I agree with previous two posters. I have done that couple of times in recent months. The key is to get paid as soon as you accepts buyer’s offer and then ship the item on a agreed future date. 
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Not sure what is so hard about this?

if the item has been paid for, then have the buyer contact you when he returns from his vacation and then ship the item,

seems pretty easy
Cool. Wasn't sure if there were any ramifications if I print a label, then hold the shipment back. Thanks for the info!!!
don’t think you want to print the label now.....that you would have to wait til your ready to ship.

or you can go to the site and setup the shipping date and then the label will be good for that day.
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@riley: I'll look into that. My reasoning for printing a label up front, is so that the buyer has something (tracking #) to hold onto after he's paid for the item.

@elizabeth: All my shipments require a signature, so there will be no "left on the porch" scenarios. In fact, the buyer was very specific that he wanted to hold the shipment until he was home for that very reason.
I'm not sure what the problem with the buyer's request is. If you suspect some sort of chicanery, I don't find it in asking for a shipment delay.

Anecdotally, I - just for example - ordered Magnepan LRS speakers a couple of months ago directly from the company. The delay in shipping was seemingly interminable (a perception likely due to the fact that, because I was anxious to receive them and the company was backlogged with orders, I found very long) and eventually, it looked like the plan was to ship while I was away. To prevent any problems, I simply wrote to the company and asked them to delay shipment until my return. As a result, they arrived when I was home to receive them.
No problem at all. I simply had never been asked before, to delay a shipment, so I was wondering if there were any special steps I'd needed to take. As it were, the unit is sold and will enter the shipping stream on the date he'd requested.

All's good in the hood and thanks to all for your help!
Interesting. I went thru a similar situation and may very well get into the situation you are describing.
I recently made two purchases here on Agon, while the seller was on a business trip. We mutually agreed to postpone the shipments until he's back. He got home a couple of days only to find out that his basement was flooded. He's now sending the items to the factory for inspection. Now I'm about to leave for my own vacation in a couple of weeks. Depending on the timing, I may have to request for delayed shipments.
The bottom line is, as long as you have secured the payment, you don't have to worry about it for the time being. In the end, it's the money that you are after anyway.