Schiit order issue - anyone receiving shipments?

Experiencing order receipt delay approaching 2 months.  Schiit unable to clarify when order will be received.  Only receiving template response without focus on my order. No telephone available as co don’t take calls.

I think company may be having problems.
I ordered two pieces of gear from them on 12/10/20, a Saga+ and and Aegir amp. They were shipped on 12/11 and I received them a week later on 12/18. When I look at their web site right now, there are a number of items in backorder status, but I find nothing surprising about that given that Christmas has just ended.  

And, they may be waiting for parts from a supplier. All that it takes to delay things is for one part out of dozens to be unavailable. I don't know about you, but I don't want a product until all of the parts are included. 

Agreee, good to have a fully assembled product, but communication is horrible.

I could be waiting an additional month or longer. No info about status.   New orders for preamp say 7-10 day.  Very very misleading.

Recently I sent my Bifrost back for repair. They were very helpful in setting up the RMA, and I got notification when they received the return asking for the purchase details for warranty purposes. I told them I had bought it used so no warranty, and they said they would send me an estimate before performing the work. 10 days later I received an invoice saying the work had been completed, having never received an estimate. I emailed them asking about not receiving the estimate, and they replied immediately with a non-answer about the work that had been done. I emailed them again asking about the lack of estimate. 10 days later I had received no reply at all. At that point I just paid the invoice, and they promptly shipped out my repaired Bifrost.

The good news is the Bifrost now works perfectly and sounds better than ever. The repair was pretty quick and the price reasonable, even if they failed to deliver the promised estimate.

Sure would be nice if they had a phone number where you could talk with someone though.
Schiit designs and builds products that deliver excellent value at lower price points, and does all their manufacturing in the US. This approach appeals to a lot of customers which has allowed them to grow very rapidly over the past ten years. 

But this approach means they are operating at lower margins than a lot of companies - even other companies that are direct to consumer. Relative to the size of their customer base, I expect that Schiit has FAR fewer customer service people than other US companies. It's a lot more efficient to handle customer service via email than on the phone. Many questions can be answered with canned responses (not always satisfactorily) as noted by the previous posters. 

Since the audio industry has generally prospered during the pandemic (particularly the segment of the market serviced by Schiit) because many people are spending a lot more time at home, I suspect Schitt has had a difficult time keeping up, and customer service is one of the more difficult parts of the business to scale quickly.

As a customer, you have to decide if you're willing to except less-than-stellar customer service to get the value that Schiit promises and generally delivers. There are other brands (e.g. Pass, PS Audio and others) that put more (sometimes a lot more) emphasis on customer service, but you're generally paying a lot more for their products. 
I had a similar problem.  I ordered something that said "ships in 3-5 days" on the site, but the confirmation email said that delivery would take about two months.  I quickly canceled, and they refunded the money immediately.  I chalked it up to perhaps not updating their site quickly enough, but it sounds like it's an ongoing issue.  
Bought an Asgard 2 on 12/22.  It shipped on 12/22 and arrived on 12/24.  I paid for FedEx ground.  Schiit upgraded to two day at their expense.  They're great like that.  Best of luck with your order. 
I believe that Jason Stoddard, in one of his videos, said they were having a problem getting the chassis'.  He said the boards were in stock, but they had nothing to put them in.  He also said that Covid is wreaking havoc on their schedules as well as those of his suppliers.  I get how frustrating this can be though.
The world’s covid epicenter is right where their business is located and we just came off the holidays. Maybe cut them a little slack and see how communication changes/or doesn’t in the next week or two. 
There was a devastating fire at the AKM Si foundry in Japan. It’s possible that’s impacting Shiit’s deliverables.
Nothing is moving quickly through the US Postal System and even UPS and Fed Ex are still slow having been buried during the holidays and with Covid-19 restrictions. Even if Schitt's shipping was next day, you might still be waiting longer than usual.
It’s not just them OP, it’s tons of companies buckling under the weight of strained supply chains, employees becoming ill and needing time off, all three major shipping companies being behind/slow. 

I sent an email about a Modius I ordered like a week ago that hadn’t shipped yet and received an email back same day.
If you don’t want to wait, then cancel your order. I’m sure someone else after you in the queue will be grateful. I’ve always gotten a prompt reply to any email inquiry.
I’m sure part of delivering a quality product at a fair price doesn’t leave much budget to coddle entitled whiners and make them feel special. If you want the ass kissing immediate service you’d probably be happier spending a lot more money at a dealer that gets enough commission to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy. 
I bought a Bifrost in November and it shipped promptly. Also, in late 2019 (remember back then?) I had some issues with an Aegir (emails answered quickly) and they replaced it immediately free of charge. You simply need to live in the past.
I had a recent warranty repair handled quickly. Yes, communications is not their strong suit...low cost.
I would be delighted to get a canned email response, delighted to know they are still viable. I’ve emailed 4 times about an order I placed in December — nothing. And if all the positive things that have been mentioned are true, then why wouldn’t they make a public statement on their Website?  I just want a truthful estimate as to when I can expect delivery.  
With the current pandemic, at maximum exacerbation no less, 1000s dying each day, it is pathetic to see people voicing complaints about audio shipping delay.
When I ordered my Freya+ it took over 2 months for delivery, but they did answer
emails concerning the delay. I most recently sent them 3 emails about another issue and 4 days latter I have still not heard back from them. This is not normal,
they are Usually very responsive.

I ordered a Vidar Amp.
when I ordered they were back order until 1/17.
recived email today from fedex there delivering it Monday 1/11.
I did spec two day shipping.
Clearly, schiit is having financial problems.  If it were just COVID they would say this. So it’s more. 
Acoustic Sounds is having a world of difficulty getting a couple records to me. I’ve been told twice that my order—a revised order due to an earlier item being backordered for quite some time—is being processed in the warehouse.

Everything, apart from Amazon and Klatch Coffee, seems to be taking longer. Still getting Christmas cards! Not sure that indicates anything more than seasonal slowdowns, exacerbated by COVID.
Clearly, schiit is having financial problems.  If it were just COVID they would say this. So it’s more.
While I agree that they should do a better job communicating product delays, it's pretty ridiculous to assume they are having financial problems. It only takes one delayed part to screw up a product schedule.

I don't have any knowledge about Schiit in particular, but I know from other contacts in the audio business that demand is way up, but they are having significant difficulties getting parts from suppliers, making filling orders difficult.

I can certainly understand your frustration though.
They say they are manuf my preamp, yet no word on arrival target, none.  No parts is not a problem.  So they r doing a delay tactic, in the midst of problems running business.  
I ordered the freya+ on Wednesday and reached out to them to check on shipping times, due to what I read in this thread.  Here's what I received back.

"Thank you for your order. We have started to receive the parts needed for the Freya+ and have resumed production and shipping backorders. Due to the number of backorders, it is taking longer than anticipated to fill all the orders. It could possibly be a couple weeks. I’m so sorry for the wait."
Ordered a Freya + November 20 and received it last week. My 4th piece of Schiit gear. What a great sounding, high value, and flexible preamp. Well worth the wait. But I get the OP’s point about communication. BTW - try ordering an oven, dishwasher or telescope these days - lots of pandemic related supply chain problems in consumer goods.
No problem here.
I placed my order on New Years eve. Items have shipped out on Jan 6th.
It may depend on what you are ordering.
Emerger, hopefully with the two threads and multiple responses you've received, you've found what you're looking for...
I placed an order for two items 2 weeks ago. One was in stock & one was backordered, so I wrote them an email saying I’m ok with them shipping both when second item’s back in stock instead of two separate shipments. Have yet to hear back from Schiit. I have not received the first item, so I assume they got the email, but why am I left to assume with no response. This was my third order from Schiit, never had a problems with their products, but customer service is living up to their name.
Just an fyi, AKM chip factory had a fire couple months back which hindered production for a while.
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I ordered 3 pieces on Monday. Pieces shipped Thursday, within the 2-3 days stated on the Schiit site. FedEx ground shows delivery, west coast to east coast, for Tuesday, February 16.

Seems like the company is doing fine to me.

It seems as if the OP has a personal vendetta against Schiit and has no problem writing libelous statements about the company.

The OP claims to have intimate knowledge of Schiit's supply chain, operations, and financial status.

I'm just curious where they are getting their information, despite a direct response from Schiit in another of the OP's 3 threads on the topic and multiple pieces of information from other respondents (fire in the AKM factory...).
Schiit's issues with communication or issues fulfilling orders is hardly an indicator of "financial issues." It's likely the opposite as due to brilliant design and the very high regard they've garnered as a high end company with fair pricing...outliers may differ in their opinions, but these guys are an astounding success.

its the preamps that are at issue.

they chose not to communicate with buyers very well.  Now they r doing better thanks to this forums efforts.

 Most cos could careless about customers.  I believe they still fall short. Hoping their preamp is good
Ah, of course!

Schiit's financial situation is completely dependent on less than 4% of the company's product selection!

The best part, imo, is that this forum somehow has leverage over their actions. Never mind the multiple other forums where Schiit has a much larger presence.

As Journey says, "Don't Stop Believin'!"
Next conquest will be audio research and McIntosh,   Ie.  Design a ht bypass line stage preamp with true bypass (tubes are off when ht used),  just like Schiit does.   
Schiit's issues with communication or issues fulfilling orders is hardly an indicator of "financial issues." It's likely the opposite as due to brilliant design and the very high regard they've garnered as a high end company with fair pricing...outliers may differ in their opinions, but these guys are an astounding success.
My order which included a freya+ was on a 10 week back order and not scheduled to ship until March 25th but they got it out early and I received it last week. Sounds amazing so far with a freya+ and 2 aegir amps. 
Supply chains are so stressed no mater what the industry or channel.

Talking to a steel manufacturer in Brazil and they can not get any space on cargo ships to ship tubing to the US. If you can broker freight on a ship it may be stuck in a port for 60 days waiting to offload. 
Schiit support is horrible.  Get on the phone.  Tried to get an answer and after a few emails, no success. Get on the phone!!!
Oh, give it a rest.

What do you want? Someone to complain to? Is that what will make you "happy"?

You've started three threads on this issue.

Schiit does not do phone support. Get. Over. It.

You've received a long answer from Schiit directly on one of your threads.

As of now, 26 February 2021, 12:11 PM EST, the Schiit site says, "Backordered, Ships March 25th".

There is your answer.

At this point, you will never be happy, no matter how great the Freya+ is because you have worked yourself up about this. Just cancel your order and let someone who has at least one foot in our new reality enjoy the unit.
"skypunk433 posts02-26-2021 10:31amSupply chains are so stressed no mater what the industry or channel."

Spot on.

Last week, completely unexpected, we received a 25% increase and a fourfold lead time from a supplier. No warning, no nothing.

Nothing is predictable anymore.
Schiit should open up phone lines. Not that expensive.  They farm out support to non schiit staff my guess.  I can open a response center for several tech cos.  Called outsourcing and speaking humans hard to find.  Foreigners can respond in writing, as if they are in the us.  Schiit does this my guess.   It’s from Rebekah, actually it’s from a Phillipines guy who has a strong accent, and tomorrow from Iceland farmer
Do you actually read the responses here?

How about answering some questions and providing more context instead of making blanket assumptions and complaining.
Nonsense, I've had at least 4 conversations with them all order related in the past 5 years and never had a problem.Laura is the one I always dealt with.