Heat problem.

Hi in my setup, Denon DCD-510AE (optical out) to V90-DAC (RCA out, Straight Wire Symphony 2 IC) to Musical Fidelity V-Can 1. If I repalce the V-Can 1 with Cambridge Audio Azur 351A I notice the hot air build up, Should I get a fan ?
I downsize my system and it hurt really bad, but I bought an Anthem MRX 700 receiver and when I push a little bit either for movies or my turntable because it takes a lot to run the turntable and get any volume out of it.So I purchased a couple small fans and they come with a thermostat so they'll kick on automatically when needed. I got them at Procool. www.rackfans.com You could take a look there you might find something you like, I got to 3 inch fans that have a 6 - 14 dbA rating so there not loud at all. It came with the thermostat in the transformer and was right around $100.I just received the package today and I hooked up 1 fan to see how loud it was and I couldn't even hear it.So you might want to check them out.