Has "politically correct" killed the used audio market?

Previously loved, slightly demo'ed....etc.  

Gosh, when I sell the old car I should not list it as "used" ....perhaps "formerly observed", "slightly touched",  "once considered",  "only driven by a Little Old Lady from Riverside, Ca."

But thankfully no items sold are "used" any longer, really helps my faith in the market.

"Creative writing and the Internet" should be a required course for all "Semi-liberal  arts" degrees"


Another thing you know nothing about, being short of breath. I was there. Remember? Nine days in hospital. 7 to 9 liters O2. No sealed tent, you are living in fantasy land. Joking about being intubated only shows just how depraved you really are. And all of it pure insult, with not one shred of evidence to back up your point or undermine mine. Which of course, because there are no such facts, only fake news and twisted insults.

The fact of the matter is this China virus is not even as deadly as Swine flu, a fact borne out in US mortality tables that show this year below average. Say again, below average.

Haven't bothered to look any of that up yourself, I can safely bet. Never will, I will double down. Its simply not in your DNA to figure anything out for yourself. Possibly tried once, failed, figured its a waste of time. Which maybe in your case it is.

See, I can throw insults too. Only try and notice the difference. In between the (richly deserved) insults there was a tight, cohesive and irrefutable argument. Try it some time. If you can.
MC, you're not all there, are you? Conflation and confusion seems to dominate your way of thinking. That, and outright fabrications, lies and mistruths. You're as far away from decency as anyone I've encountered.

You really can't be trusted to honestly present a differing point of view. Someone else pointed out in another thread that you said you didn't have Covid but some form of pneumonia. You never challenged that. How are the two relatable in this discussion? You know what, never mind. You're beyond hope, or rescue, for that matter, 

All the best,
I usually stay out of these types of arguments. But all anyone has to do is fact check the nonsense MC is going on about. Where in the world is he coming up with his bizarre statistics?! Now I'll go back to ignoring his crazy talk.
What happened to the virus going away after the election?  
My family was struck by Covid. A 19 year old young man got his mother and 3 other family member sick... The Uncle passed he was 89. The rest recovered. 5 total.. Very contagious.. SARS/Covid is different in that vaccines, are just now coming out. SARS I’m not sure, but Covid is a variant. The flu we have some sort of idea what to immunate for, THOUGH it’s not always the right choice. Different types of flu require different vaccines. Same with the SARS / Covid...

PC I could give a hoot! The truth without malice or public embarrassment is more important than any of of the political finagling. Manners don’t cost, they pay...Plane and simple.. Manners and TRYING to be a gentleman will always be PC... Tough though...:-)

I got derailed, broke a little toe.. WOW.. Amazing how much you use that little guy.. LOL

YES playing with my new RtR, yup...