Has anyone heard the new Pass Labs XP-15 phono?

I traded in my Pass Ono for the Pass Xono and am very pleased with its clean, detailed and neutral sound. I'm curious if the new XP-15 is as much of an improvement over the Xono as the new Pass XP-10 preamp is over the X-1. I know the XP-15 has a built-in power supply (one-box). There will be a two-box verson (XP-25) later. Also, I think there are fewer cartidge loading options, but the switches are on the exterior of the unit, making it much easier to try different settings. Are there any reviews yet? Thanks.
I'll be watching your thread closely since the XP15 is on the top of my audition list. I didn't know about the two box XP25 to follow so thanks.
Yep, I heard it, loved it. Sounded great in a variety of systems. Why their preamps aren't as good beats me...
would love to hear the two box deal coming out later.
Chashas1--can you give us some more input? What system did you hear it in? Were you able to compare to other phonostages? What table/arm and especially cartridge were being used? Sorry to grill you but I'm really curious about this unit and haven't had time to arrange a demo.

Hi, I'd rather not comment much further. I posted earlier on the thread for the new small amp, which I did not like, and got blasted for it. Suffice it to say I really liked this phono stage, using dynavector xv1-s and xx2. You should definitely arrange an audition if you're in the market.
Hi Chashas1,
I'm with Dodgealum and would be very interested to know what system you heard the XP-15 in. I've looked up your other postings and see that you didn't really like the Pass XA30.5 or their preamps. That's fine but makes your above comment about the XP-15 that much more intriguing. Have you heard the Pass XOno, or other phono amps, and compared it too the XP-15? Could you describe what exactly it was that you liked about the XP-15? Would love to know more specifics as I'm considering upgrading from the XOno. Thanks.
Hi, Peter,
I'm not really in the know on all this, so I wouldn't go by anything I say. I thought the last two preamps out by Pass were very lame, although I loved the remote. They should make that into a universal variety. And the new amp, well, considering all the rave reviews by people I like to read, a huge disappointment, at least in the setting I heard it in, which was all the new gear mentioned and their wire. If others like that type of sound then that's great. It just misses the point of making music for me. I thought the new phono allowed the music to really flow, it was very open. I've not heard the Xono, I've been told it's a nono :).
I'll say it once more, the reason I posted earlier about the amp on another thread was the shock of actually getting to hear something ravely reviewed, from a company that seems wonderful, and then having it turn out to be a dud. Not that that's a unique situation by any means.
So in your case, Peter, I would definitely audition the new phono. At least we could probably agree on that.
Hello Chashas1. I appreciate your comments, but you did not answer my question. The Pass amp and preamp are beside the point. I would like to learn more about the new phono stage. What system did you hear the XP-15 in and what did you like about its sound? I am considering getting it and you've said you liked it, but you haven't given any details beyond it "allowed the music to really flow". I would like to know the context. Did you compare it to any other phono stages? I can't really audition it because there are no Pass dealers in the Boston area. If you would rather not comment further, that's fine. Thanks.
Hi Peter,
Okay, the system I heard it in that might interest you was all pass, the new preamp, the new highly reviewed amp, and the pass wires, with different speakers. I also heard it in several systems with various gear, all great gear IMO.
It was great in every system, and I've heard various phono stages over the years, and this one really made you want it, made you realize how important a great phono stage is. I mean, you spend good money on preamp, amp, cartridge, the phono stage needs to be in that league as well. The direct current comparison would be with a dynavector preamp, the L300, with built in phono stage, a great one in its own right, much much better than the dynavector p-75. And then also compared to the newer Crimson 710 preamp, also containing built in phono, one of my fav preamps, quite a delight this british preamp. It trounced, trounced the pass preamps by very good measure. Yet, the pass phono bested it. I believe someone responded to the amp thread said they thought the Xono to be very boring, but hadn't heard the new one yet.
I just can't see how you could go wrong with it, buying blindly. The ease of cartridge loading was also a plus.
And I guess you know Pass is coming out with a twoboxer later in the year, for much more money, around $8k I think?
So, I hope I've answered your questions. All my instincts, and my listening panels's as well say it's great, we covet it. What more can I say?
>>06-22-09: Chashas1
Hi Peter,
Okay, the system I heard it in that might interest you was all pass, the new preamp, the new highly reviewed amp, and the pass wires<<

Which Pass wires did you hear?

Thanks in advance.
Hi AudioFeil, I'll have to ask my friend. The cables were furnished by Pass, that's all I know. I didn't inspect anything closely, I don't like the looks of their gear, except for the remote. I just listened. Even when the phono stage was at my house, I just ignored it. :)
has anyone actually details about what this 'marvel' can do?
Like loading Rs, loading Cs?, 40dB / 60dB?, differential circuit or single ended?, etc. etc.

I just got mine and loaded it 100 ohms with 66db gain for my Dynavector XX-2 .3 mv cartridge. Sounds superb with low noise and great dynamics. Tonally, it strikes a great balance between smooth and detailed, so it comes out very musical with all types of music. Great piece and highly recommended.
I have one and really enjoy it. But in full disclosure I need not audition any others. Put myself in the hands of my dealer and turntable manufacturer and that is what they came up with as the best option for my system without spending a ton more. It is dead quite in my system, very quick, plenty of weight in the bass and not harsh on the top end. It just sound right to my ears. System is Spectral, MIT, Magico and Basis. All current vintages.
What are we talking about price-wise for the XP-15?

Hi Notec:

At the time of release, Pass Labs was listing the XP 15 for $3,800.


Hi all,

I can't directly answer your question, but those of you attending the Audiofest will be able to hear a system with all Pass electronics (XP-25 phono) through a Galibier turntable, in the Lowther America room (suite 1007).

I am not a Pass dealer, but note that I do sell Atma-sphere and Quicksilver, so take this post in that light (dealer disclaimer).

It's always difficult to weed through the system context to extrapolate the characteristics of one component, but you'll hear two other Galibier based systems at the show, and perhaps this can be somewhat instructive as to the influence of the Pass gear.

Here's the lineup for my 3 rooms: http://www.galibierdesign.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=155.

Thom @ Galibier
Thanks Thom. I plan to attend and hope to meet you there. Thanks for the information.

I had the XP-15 in my system for 8 months (Daniel Hertz M-6, M-5s, M-7's) and just replaced it with the XP-25. As fantastic as the XP-15 was, the XP-25 is even better (it needs to be be at some $10k) Prior system was all Cello with STRAD GMS.

As I have 2 turntables (TTW Momentus V2 Cu9999 and Goldmund Studio/T3F) and three cartridges (new Ortofon, Kiseki PurpleHeart Sapphire and van den Hul EMT-1) the front panel selectors for 2 inputs and multiple impedences) are quite useful.

As good as the old (over 20y) cartridges are, I am leaning to the new Ortofon Cadenza Black for regular listening, as it sounds more natural overall (no high frequency bump.)
Drbuck4, what loading are you using with the Ortofon Cadenza Black? Thanks.
Drbuck4,can you share with us what loading are you using with the Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge ? Thanks !
I use 50ohm loading for my cadenza black.
I have it love love it Hana ML REGA P9 Goldenear tirton one 3D sound amazing 
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