Has anyone had good experiences with trading?

I am thinking about going from separate pre and power to an intergrated. Has anyone here had good experiences trading equipment or should I just sell what I have first.

Thanks in advance for your input.
I'd sell and buy in two separate transactions. By attempting to trade only, you limit your market to those who meet all of the following condones: 1) want what you have, 2) have what you want, 3) and are willing to make the trade (with or without concessions). Going about the process into two separate transactions greatly increases your ability to move your goods, as the purchaser only has to have currency (not a desired commodity). Plus, you open your options to acquire product other than what may be offered in a trade.

Bottom line - I'd sell the pre and power amp and then take those dollars to the used market to get the integrated you want (rather than settle for what may be offered).
I have traded many times without issues on either side. I will only trade with another member with at least 30 positive feedback.
Why not list your items with "Trades welcome" in the ad. I've done several transactions with trade as part of the payment either way.
I would think trading is ok but kinda limits you to finding what you really might want. I realy think your better off selling what you have and go on the used market and find exactly what your looking for.To me the best bargains are from those guys/girls that seem to buy every six months and can't figure the whole thing out...There are many great deals out there.You just have to do your homework!
I've also had some successful trades. It usually entails more phone time though.
I've had nothing but great luck trading on Audiogon. It's fun for me and lets you try stuff you might not buy but would like to try. I have found that the people that reply to trade offers usually are very caring of their equipment and are not motivated by profit but by the sound of music.
I've had quite a few successful trades as well. I like them because they eliminate a step or two, so that you get the gear you want faster. It's also more fun, I always am interested in what people may offer in trade, and what they might accept in return. The only downside is that sometimes, usually with people with less experience, the other party can be a bit unrealistic as far as what their gear may be worth in trade. Other than that it's all positive.
It's nice to know that Audiogon is open to "audio swingers" and that they consider "swapping" and "trading" good, clean fun.
I've often thought it would be a great idea if two A'goners traded their equipment with each other on a time basis, say 30 days. It would be a great way to try different pieces of gear in ones own system without any outlay except shipping charges (I realize on some equipment shipping can cost a few bucks). It would be sort of an in home audition for each other. Anyone else think this would work?

Mike, a few years ago I traded amps with an A'Goner and it was both fun and educating.

You hit the nail on the head. It would be very educational to be able to do some "good clean swapping". Imagine being able to try 4, 5 or 6 different cd players in one's own system just by A'Goners swapping with each other, each giving the other's player a whirl in their system. Maybe then the different opinions everyone expresses would be based more upon actually having heard a piece of equipment in their system versus opinions based on speculation without having actually heard something or from hearing it in a showroom or at a demo. Just a thought.

Mike, speculation based on what I read in the forums is my main tool when considering a purchase, but I was lucky a few years ago when an A'goner loaned me an amp to add to the three amp comparison I was already doing. I had read so many good things about it, but it wasn't until it was in my system that I realized how special and unique it was.

My only reservation in this kind of friendly exchange is shipping. I recently corresponded with a manufacturer and they advised me to take my amp to an authorized local shop because they had seen so many amps damaged in shipping. Luckily, that great little loaner amp was lent to me by a friend in the same area.

I definitely see the advantages to this because even listening parties have their limitations. I think you really need to live with something in order to really know it.
I did it once, or actually, didn't. I wanted to swap amps: a NAD 317 (mine) for a Marantz PM78. We agreed to try them for the weekend, and since the Marantz couldn't handle my speakers the deal was off. Still a positive experience though, as it gave me a direction to look for. Only possible though if you live close.