Has anyone compared Synergistic XOT and XOT Carbon transducers?

I been using the older model XOT a few years now and I'm wondering if the newer Carbon XOT is any better. I found the XOT has a minor improvement on the upper range especially when it comes to female voices. 
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I upgraded to the XOT Carbon soon after it came out. On my Magico Q3s the XOTs bring a more natural and open sound. The Carbon brought a little more of the same. If you like what the XOT does then try the carbon after all it has a 30 day money back guarantee
Thanks for the feedback. I'll check it out.

The XOT carbon has more of everything that the original XOT brought. More detail, dynamics etc.

But be careful when used with tube amps, I think they change the impedance and were not good with my tube amps..



I haven't had any problems with the original XOT with my Primaluna Int amp so hopefully I won't with the newer model. Thanks
I called the dealer where I purchased the original XOT and he didn't think it was worth the upgrade which I found surprising. He wanted to know my current equipment and thought it might make a very small improvement since the older model pretty much does the same type of noise filtering. I appreciate his honesty and opinion but I guess like any tweaks it comes down to the quality and the synergy with the equipment.

I did upgrade from the older XOT to the newer carbon and there was a slight increase in sound for the better.  Not huge just sightly noticeable.
Pete, looks like your results are exactly what the dealer stated. I also called Synergistic and they suggested I try the Migs 2.0 in lieu of upgrading to the newer carbon XOT. So I received the Migs today and plan to do an extensive review with various genres of music and types of recordings.