Harbeth 7ES3 or Devore Fidelity Nines?

Dear Friends,
I am torn between two choices for my Rogue Cronus Magnum (90 wpc)

1.Devore Nines - Floor Standing 8 Ohm Pretty High on the Efficiency Scale.
2.Harbeth - 7ess - 6 ohms Specs looks pretty normal for the price, but has
very strong reputation

Audition is difficult, although i know that many rogue owners have come to love
the 7es3, but none of whom i have spoken to have heard the Devore Nines.
What is your room like and what do you typically listen to for music?
Get the nines. They look very good and sound even better. Biggest no brainier.
price wise, the comparison is more devore 9 or harbeth super- HL5.

mike lavorgna wrote a review for 6moons about the base cronus and the devore 8 combination. other than that, i have never seen the combo discussed. but on the harbeth forums, there seem to be a number of members using rogue and harbeth.

you should definitely do whatever you can to audition before dropping $6000+ on a pair of speakers, even if it means driving a few hours of arranging a day trip via plane. or attend RMAF or whatever hifi show is nearest to you. all you'll get on a forum is other people's opinions.

btw, i recently got the cronus magnum and love it. i'm using vandersteen 2ce sig IIs but plan to get a pair of harbeths down the road.
I think you've got things backwards. Figure out which speakers you like, *then* decide on an amplifier. In the Harbeth case, they're not too picky about amps.
Hi Thegoodarcher,

I've tried the "Nines" with a lot of amplifiers and with all of them they sound wonderful so IMHO, get the DeVORE the Nines!

Best regards,
Devore. Beautifully made and sound great: very musical across the sound spectrum. Harbeth are the kings of mid-range.