Pass Labs and DeVore Nines Combo??

Has anyone heard the Pass Labs X-250.5 and X-1 combo with the DeVore Nines speakers? I've heard the Nines before and loved them, but never with any Pass gear....thinking it would be a good match.
I haven't heard them together either, but I think you're onto something; however, I would think Pass's class A amps, either the X-1/30A combo, or the new INT-30A integreated would be the way to go. A buddy of mine just purchased the Nines, and we had auditioned them with Luxman's Class A integrated, and it was a great combo. They don't need the kind of power the 250.5 puts out, and Pass's class A amps are killer. I had the INT-150 and it was a great sounding amp, but maybe a bit analytical for the Nines. It had a class A bias for the first 30 watts, so maybe not, though.
Excuse me if I am wrong, but I thought the int-150 was based on the x150 and was A/B, not Class A, albeit with a healthy bit of class A at lower output. I happen to agree that Class a sounds better than A/B, particularly with easy to drive speakers, like the Devore's. I auditioned them recently and loved them, although I did buy another speaker.
My impression is they shine best with tubes and certainly I listened to them with a tube amp.
I am using a DK Design INT temporarily w/ my Nines. It is really cruising along w/o breaking a sweat. It doesn't sound very involving, but does not sound offensive either. Actually, a temporary solution I can live with. The Nines will IMO expose any shortcomings upstream. I see this as a good thing, especially beacause of their ability to be driven by low/mid power amplification. In my short time w/ the Nines, they seem like one of those speakers that will w/o question, benefit from more refined electronics. I am thinking Shindo, but there are certainly other options in the tube camp or class A solid state. I think the DK has been in class A for the most part, the meter was not not even moving at lower listening levels last night. My Nines also are not broken in yet, maybe up near 200 hrs though.
What is your current setup. Do you have the Pass gear now, and looking for a speaker to match. I have heard the Pass, but in a different setup. I think it was the X150.5 or 250.5. I would not think this to be a good match w/ the DeVore's. This, IMHO. Of course, the XA 30/30.5 would have all the power one would need w/ Nines.
David: you are correct, which is exactly what I wrote in post: The INT-150 is class A/B, but runs in class A for first 30 watts (it runs pretty f-in hot) which is more than enough for the Nines. My intuition tells me that the new Pass integrated, the INT-30A (which is based off of the 30.5 amp, pure class A) would be a better match, as you don't need the kind of power the INT-150 has (150 WPC) to drive the Nines. I've heard the Nines with Shindo, but not for longe enough to make a judgement. I heard them recently with the luxman 509A II, which is 30WPC pure class A, and both I and my friend who is buying the nines thought it sounded stunning.

Other amps that I know some people, including John, have mentioned with the Nines include Pathos, Leben, Shindo, and YBA. Like with anything though, they need to be broken in before you know what to mate them with.