Devore Nines as an upgrade

I'm considering Devore Nines as an upgrade of sorts from my Thiel 2.3s, which I have had for many years.

I have a fully tweaked system that starts with the Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP CD player, Rogue 99 preamp and Rogue Zeus amp. Cables are Cardas Golden reference with Shunyata power cords and Audience AU24 speaker cables.

I want to keep the amazing soundstage and good frequency extension I now have. I am very happy with what I have. But I need to rethink life with such a massive tube amp in the living room. And I need more flexibility for speaker placement in the room. Living room is 16 feet by 21 feet with 9-foot ceilings and two large openings into other rooms. Speakers now are 40 inches from the long wall and about 8 feet apart. Listening spot is up against the opposite long wall.

I have been thinking about Devore Nines. They would fit the bill of being easy to drive and easy to place. I was very impressed in one listening session and plan to do some more listening soon.

Any thoughts on the Devores or similar speakers?

Any suggestions on best placement for the Devores including toe-in, distance from walls?

I have the Devore Silverbacks and have auditioned the nines, both are very good speakers. I would say that to perform their best you have to have a fairly precise placement. I have tried many different arrangements and always gravitate back to one particular placement. Now that may be a function of my room and set-up which is on the long wall. You can always call John Devore, he will be straight up with you regarding what you can expect. I still can't get over how great and fun these speakers are. If you get the placement you need, you will be loving life.
John, to me it wouldn't be an upgrade of would be a major league transition! and a much more musical one at that...with amazing soundstage and frequency extension.
If you can listen again please do so, and for a long session.
I have a pair of 8's, having upgraded from Vandersteen 2ce's. I find the DeVore speakers very musical. I listened to the 9 and Silverback at a dealer in the Boston area and the sound on both pairs of speakers were excellent, far exceeding anything even close to their cost. I think the Devore's have a much sweeter sounding treble than the Theils. Once you upgrade to the nines, you will have a smile on your face, whenever you listen to the stereo.