luxman vs leben for devore nines speakers

hi every one.
i read that the luxman 509 a int amplifier class a sound amazing with the devore nines .and im alittle confused because i know that devore shining with tubes amp . so i think to ask or compare the luxman 509 to leben cs 300 x /600 with the devore nines speakers . anyone test them any suggestion what sound more good comb luxman or leben what the diffrent between them in the sound ?
I had a 507u and a Leben CS300 for a short time. I found the Luxman to sound a bit thin on my Nines, but with plenty of power. The Leben sounded much better to my ears, but without enough power for a wide range of music. I imagine the Leben 600 would have plenty of juice for them. I am very pleased with my LM Audio EL34 amp, which is also imported by the same folks who import the Leben... Comparable at least in power at 32 watts per channel to the Leben 600, but much cheaper. It does sound great.
I've heard both amps through the Nines, and I would definitely go with a CS600 over the Luxman. While the Luxman will probably give you a bit more detail, it was somewhat bright and fatiguing to my ears. I'm not sure I could live with it. Then again, my ears are unusually sensitive to fatigue, so I'm sure there are other folks who would disagree.

But the CS600 is a great amp, with a significantly lower price than the Luxman, as I recall. Together, they make a very rich sound with deep tonal colors. You can dig into the sound with a knife and fork.
wow thanks nice response.
now for sure i go with leben but i dont know if the cs600 sound better then the LM audio what you think please ?
I don't know about the LM, but the CS600 basically sounds like an excellent EL34 amp. That, it should be noted, is a very, very different sound from that of the Luxman 509, which sounds like an excellent Class A solid-state amp.

Your original question is kind of like asking, which is better, a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce? You are the only person who can answer that question for yourself. If you're not familiar with the sound of EL34 tubes and Class A solid-state amps, you really ought to try and find some to listen to before you make this kind of investment.
The leben cs600 must be compared with Luxman SQ38
Or l550ax class A with the nines.
The Luxman 507/509 are class AB and should not be the ideal match for the 'cold' seas drivers of the devors.
In ss region, LFD should be considered with the nines as well as hybrid croft integrated.
I had the Luxman L'590A II powering my Nines a few years back. One of the best sounding systems I' ve had. Class A amplification is the key if using SS amps with Nines.