Hansen Prince V2

I've been reading articles on Hansen speakers and not one says a negative thing about them except there high price.I have not had the opportunity to listen to them as of yet. Doesn't seem to be alot of talk about them on any of the forums. I was hoping some of you folks that own or previous own them could give me some feedback as far diffculty of placement etc or your positive feedback.
They were at the Venetian, CES. One of the only rooms I covered at CES. I was assigned T.H.E. Show as primary.

Here are images:


I think it was the best sounding room in all of Vegas, impressive dynamics and low distortion with good tonal balance.

Associated equipment was CAT preamp and CAT stereo amp, Koetsu cart on TriPlanar arm.
I must agree with Albert,

The Hansen room sounded really good, these are kind of goofy looking speakers for lack of a better word, but the sound was really good.
Excellent speakers
Hansen is right down the road from me
The little elixir is very impressive as well