I recently added an H-CAT preamp to my system and am pretty floored overall by the results... my question is, as I'm also in the market for a DAC and H-CAT manufactures one, is there anyone here that has personal experience with the H-CAT DAC.

Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.
After_hrs, yes they did make a dac. I had one, but it was not in the league of the K-12. I don't think many were made, perhaps as few as four.
After hrs,

I've also recently added an H-Cat P-12B line stage to my system. I have to admit that this brand was unknown to me. It came highly recommended from an audiophile friend, whom I trust explicitly.

Unfortunately, many of my emails, and phone calls went unanswered when I tried to contact the company. I'd like to find out more about the WTC control.
Guys, I can now get in contact with Roger Paul, and he promises to get his webpage up to date with contact numbers. He will do repairs if needed. It is unlikely that he will restart making his units.

Thank you. That is very good news.