Grounded phono interconnects

Looking to upgrade my interconnects.i use the stock pro ject cables from the turn table to the phono box e and a kimber pbj from the e to the pre amp.i have a synergestic alpha that I could use to replace the stock I have the set up wrong or is there a better way.cheers Bob
At the risk of sounding dumb,I don't know the Rca jacks are at the base of the turn table
Yes, you can simply swap cables! My Pioneer PLX1000 has the same RCA jacks on the back. It did come with a nice high quality  IC - which I replaced with an AudioQuest Silver Extreme to match my other IC's!
Be sure to run a ground wire from the TT ground to the Phono Box ground! This is to eliminate hum. I do the same on my Pioneer TT.
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