Non-grounded power cables

I've just purchased a new Blu-ray player and noticed that the power cord connector has only two prongs. As the AC cable is detachable, I would like to upgrade the cable. Does anyone have or know of any upgraded two prong power cords that I should consider?
You can use any aftermarket grounded power cord since the ground pin is floated at the Blue Ray chassis. At the wall the ground pin will help hold male plug in place.

I have the Pioneer Elite Blue Ray and tried several cords, all help the sound a little but I would not claim it's a good value to buy ultra expensive AC for Blue Ray as it behaves more like a computer than a high end CD player.
There are several companies that make an IEC-C7 to IEC adapter that lets you use any standard power cable. I know Audioquest even makes an upgraded IEC-C7 to two prong cable.
I think Mofimadness may have understood something that I missed. If your Blue Ray has an IEC-C7 connection (like my Direct TV box) then his suggestion is what you want.

My response was to an IEC connection with floated ground, exactly what my Pioneer Blue Ray uses for it's AC.
If you have a IEC plug on the component any cord with a IEC plug will work as Albertporter indicates. But if you have the figure 8 type of connector I have found a Cardas cord in Microtwin only that has that connector. Maybe someday all audio/video equip will standardize on the IEC plug.
PS Audio makes a 2 prong 12awg cable you may want to take a look at.
Thanks everyone for your response. This website has always been excellent whenever I need an answer. Albert, as usual, you were "right on". I can use virtually any power cord on this player but only experience minor improvement in color and sound. It was however worth upgrading the cord from the stock one.

Happy listening (and viewing) everyone.....