Transcendent Grounded Grid Opinions

I finished the Transcendent Grounded Grid kit for $500 and don't think that I could do any better. It's matched up with a Mesa Baron, Hales Rev 2's Cal CL-10 CDP and Jena Labs Fugue Interconnects. Has anyone compared this pre to the BAT vk-3i or the AI modulus 3? Any opinions on the Transcendent OTL's? Opinions as to the weakest link in the above system?
I tried a Transcendent Grounded Grid preamp in a system using Clayton Audio M-70 monoblocks and Paradigm Reference Studio 100 speakers and I didn't care for it. It sounded slow and rounded and was probably the worst sounding preamp I tried in that system. Your experience seems to be the opposite of mine. Perhaps my unit was defective in some way. I can't imagine anyone being too thrilled with the sound of the unit I auditioned. Perhaps it just didn't mate well with the Claytons.
Mnsaluki I recently heard the Transcendent OTL monos driving a marginal (at best) hi-end system. The sonic characteristic of the amps "transcended" the rest of the system. BTW, it was the FIRST time I have heard an OTL amp. The reason I auditioned was because of what I read and speaking with other owners and Bruce, designer and owner of Transcendent. I have since ordered the stereo version and should have by early next week. Another bonus is if you need more power, Bruce will convert the stereo to mono and you just buy another mono, no charge.

The sonic character you ask? The highs were very clear without any notable brightness, transient edges of the notes were well defined without overhang (I call that speed) and most importantly the soundstage was layered with separation of instruments reminiscent of live music, 3-D staging. All of this was done without electronic arttifacts detracting from musical enjoyment, very effortless and natural. And this is with a mediocre system and set-up. At their price they might be one of the best kept secrets in audio. I'll know for sure soon enough.
Plato- Thanks for your response- What pre-amp are you currently using? Where does it excel over the Transcendent?I haven't done enough comparisons to see if this will be the pre amp that I would want to live with for awhile.