Green Mountain Audio Eos

GMA just posted information on their Eos line...

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Thank you for posting this.

I went and read all the literature about the Eos right after I read this thread. These speakers look... AMAZING! Amazing both cosmetically and in design...

I was actually in the market for a pair of Callistos... but now I'm saving my pennies for the Eos I.

I can't wait to read a review on these... I also can't wait to read a real-world sound comparison between the three Eos models.
Having owned many GMA speakers, I will attest that Roy really knows what he's doing.
live in nyc< does anyone know where i can audition these?
any upcoming reviews or heaerd by anyone yet?
Call Eric at The Critical Listener in Rockland County.
Ya, your lucky... there seems to be very few dealers for these speakers, but one is in NYC... I'm in upstate NY, so it looks like about 300 miles to either NYC or Ohio to demo a pair myself...
If you're really interested, give Roy a call and see what he can do. There may be an owner in your area who would allow you give their speakers / system a listen.

Now, I highly doubt you'll find anyone with a set of Eos', but the Callistos will give you a good idea what you're in for. Roy claims even the low end Eos will out-perform the Callisto. Given how amazing I think my Callistos are, that's a bold statement to make.

I'd be surprised if I ever speak to someone with more passion about his craft than Roy Johnson.
I would echo that - and he provides unmatched service to his customers - always willing to go the extra mile (and then some). I started with the Europa's, then Callisto's and am fortunate enough to now have the Calypso's - Roy's speaker line is truly amazing.
Ah, good idea... I would love to hear some callistos or Eos... or any GMA speaker for that matter. I've read so much about them now but still have yet to actually hear any...
Has anyone had a chance to hear any of the Eos line yet or compare the different ones, i.e., Eos I vs II vs III?
I'm dying to know what these sound like.
I just learned from Roy that GMA will be sending the first shipment of the Eos line out next week!

Also, Roy will be sending a pair of Eos II to a reviewer in a couple of weeks or so (after full break-in). I'm not going to steal Roy's (or the publication's) thunder, so I'll let them break the news.
Interesting speakers. I would love to hear them. Hopefully their sound is mesmerizing enough to get us to forget about their looks. I understand that form follows function and the design of GMA speakers are deliberate to achieve certain sonic goals, but oh my....
Randyhat - I think they look pretty sharp. I understand they are not as conventional looking with the separate tweeter enclosure, but as you said, form is following function.

This is obviously a very subjective thing and there are certainly other speaker designs out there that seem to have neither form nor function. I can't wait to hear them.
My new Eos Speakers will be shipped on March 31. Can't wait. I've enjoyed my Europas so much I may keep them. Never bought speakers without an audition from anyone but Green Mountain Audio. Why? Because I took a chance with a total stranger at the time and trusted Roy's very detailed answers to my questions. I was impressed with his passion for his work, his knowledge and willingness to spend the time with me on the phone. Everything Roy ever told me about the Europas, I later learned, was true. Truly an exceptional speaker with a sound worth more than its selling price. I was going to buy the Callistos when I found out they were discontinued. Again, I'm trusting Roy when he says the Eos is better. He ought to know. Thanks to Nick for starting this Eos thread. Let's keep it going.
Wow! And i thought my europas were butt ugly! These are certaintly not the pretty girl at the dance...hope the tweeter doesnt snap looks rather precarious all on its own...but to be fair...GMA products sound awesome
Roy's designs are about function and sound quality. I have heard some beautiful looking speakers that sound terrible and they had great gear in front of them. The Callisto is so good, I have owned them since their debut at RMAF. Roy has told me the EOS is better than the Callisto, but if I am moving up, it will be the EOS III. Why compromise? Roy's dealer network is expanding and he has several dealer orders to fill first. Setting up a new line to manufacture is costly and time consuming. I can wait, since I know the end result is worth waiting for.

The tweeter is by itself since it sounds best with air around it. Minimal cabinet deflections and fantastic adjustability. Worrying about it breaking off is absurb. Roy builds like a tank and has the best warranty in the business.

Time will answer the questions we all have on the sound. It will not be everyones cup of tea, but it is about the music.

I just got notice from A'gon that the word "amazing" has been officially banned.
any feedback on these speakers yet? Interested , but that tweeter has me worried. Is it stable? Especially the movement back and forth.
Hopefully someone has received a pair by now. Comments please!

I had the pleasure of hearing some Calypsos last week for my introduction to the GMA sound. That soundstaging and coherence is quite addictive. In fact, since the audition, I've purposely limited my listening to headphones for the past week. Eventually my emotional synapses will stop swooning and sighing whenever the Calypso memory pops up, and I can return to enjoying my current phase incoherent setup, as humble as it is.

The future awaits...
has anyone heard these yet or in a position to comment?
Someone must have heard these by now; are you all too busy enjoying listening to your new Eos :)
Some feedback please!
I'm going down to GMA today for a listening to the EOS 3. I'll give some feedback later today.
Hey Batthatman...Any insights? I see GMA has updated their home page.
Were you able to listen to the new line? I am considering the EOS 2. Ray
I've been in touch with Roy and he explained that there have been a couple of delays caused by parts suppliers. However, he said that all final parts orders have arrived. The EOS is currently in production. Shipments are in the pipeline now. Don't have first hand info., but assume that reviewers will be first in line (possibly Sixmoons again) to receive a pair.

“All good things come to he who waits” (Proverbs)
Roy has sent me the brand-new Eos HD brochure, and said I was welcome to distribute it to anyone interested. PM me if you'd like a copy. More information will be posted to the GMA website throughout early June.

Note - I am *not* a dealer...just a GMA fan who loves his Callistos.
I heard the EOS HD on the 15th and ordered a pair on the 17th. The EOS 1 is no longer a product. The EOS 2 is now the EOS and the EOS 3 is now the EOS HD. I have been looking for a new bookshelf speaker for a while now now. Heard plenty including usher, jmlabs, wilson(too exp), proacs, coincident, theil, ae, harbeth, dyn, tannoys(full size), list goes on... I like the reynaud offrande at RMAF.. also the tannoys and audio notes with we300b... very nice.

The pair I heard had just been polished and Roy was setting them up for me and overnight burn in to ship the next day. Besides testing, I'm pretty sure I heard the first music on them. Edge amp, birdland dac(i think) some low end transport. Room 30x30ft or so 15ft(maybe higher) stands in 3 ft.

There's so much good about these speakers... it's hard to find fault(I quickly dropped my sound analysis(about 4 or 5 songs in) and dumped my usual evaluation and just sat back and took it in). It's also hard to describe what I heard since it is so different than what I've been hearing... I will say I heard some traits common in single drivers like audio notes or tannoys but just some. If you've heard GMAs before then probably already know about lack of grain, imaging, sound stage, dynamics, smoothness, speed, etc... besides those, bass authority(this bass also goes pretty low), clear perfect highs, w/o fatigue were what really stand out to me with this speaker. Speakers I've been hearing have been frying my ears after a while even though they have the nice hf.

Neil Young "down by the river chorus" is one test I have for compression when all voices join in. Typically things get messy on most of what I've heard. On my speakers, I usually hit the volume down a bit and get by it.
Not here, opened up above the speakers and distinct voices with space. Very nice. The Who "Real Me" is my bad recording(also compressed test). Most speakers I hear in an attempt to image moons drums typcially get different parts in each speaker. Not here again, everything behind the speakers, a bit to the left but again, space indicating placement of each drumbs. This song also plays with Daltreys voice. Sometimes resessed and sometimes forward. I didn't notice any large variation like I typically do. Also, I've heard the bass guitar in this(which is the greatest bass rift ever IMO) vary from bookshelf to bookshelf. Sometimes the drumbs stand out, sometimes the bass. On the EOS it's the bass which is typically how I hear it on floor standers. One other note, I was enjoying this quite a bit then Roy came in and said, "this song needs to be played load" and cranked it. I mean cranked! I've had dealers give me the be careful look before... not Roy, up it went and it was fantastic.

ok, that's all.
I received my Eos HD's last week so they're not fully broken in yet and I'm still playing around with placement but what I've heard up to this point is stunning!
Liked your review Batthatman. Thanks for the info. Were you able to compare the EOS II to the HD?
No. Only the HD was available, an executive, and some older europas. I spent about 4hrs there of which probably a couple listening. I wouldn't call it a review, just a report. I'll wait until I have the real deal fully broken in with my tube gear before that. Obviously I was very impressed. I had music for just about everything but never got to any classical.