Great Stands from A&M

Hi All,
Just want to share a great experience with A&M Custom Steel Speaker Stands for those of you who may be searching for perfect stands without the crazy high prices so typical of specialty stands. For years, I wanted 20" stands for my Spendor 1/2Es but could not find the precise fit and "look." Came across A&M's website and contacted Anthony with a picture and exact specs. 2 weeks later, I received PERFECT, immaculately finished, sand-filled stands that precisely fit my beloved Spendors...all for an extremely reasonable price and with great communication. One of the absolute best audio purchases I've made in 25 years in this hobby.
I bought some speaker stands from them 2 years ago and agree.
What do you like about the Spendor 1/2Es? I've always wanted to hear a pair of those, but never had the chance.
Agree on A&M, Anthony recently fabricated a nice pair of custom frames for my Larsen Model 4's. Great finish, excellent quality, and pricing that puts so many others to shame.
So A&M ins't record label anymore or it's just another line of business?
Photos of sample stands are available on the A&M website:!

I am glad the A&M stands appear to work well with your Spendors. I use Sound Anchor steel stands with my Spendor SP-100 speakers and I have been very pleased with the sound quality compared to other mounting arrangements I tried.
Bad news at A&M. I just went to the A&M website and there is a message on the main page, posted yesterday, that says they are now closed until the first of October. They have some serious health problems going on, so say a prayer for them. This is their message:

"Our shop will be closed, starting immediately, until the first of October. My father and I have both been diagnosed with cancer,so we are shutting down while we undergo treatments. Any prayers would be appreciated"