I suppose this may be the worst place to be starting a thread about NOT GETTING NEW STUFF.

Thing is I use Yamaha NS1000M speakers, which I love. The thing is, it didn't stop me building some other speakers - albeit they are very good. As soon as i stuck them in my system, and thought them to be better then the Yams - probably blood sweat and tears coloured my vision.

I'm certain that this is not a unique experience.

Anyway, I decided to stick the NS 1000M's back in and they are simply wonderful - can't believe I had them out the system for about 2 years.

This brings me to my next topic, and that's the fact that one of the best things to do when going the upgrade path is to take a short break from listening to your system - that unfortunately means your music as well. I say this odd thing because I've just done that, and I am all excited about my music all over again, and, I am in the process of falling in love with my system all over again instead of trying to find fault where there isn't one.

I'd like to hear what you other guys out there think
Your in love with a pair of Yamaha speakers???

Maybe you aren't aware of the history behind the NS1000M. Worth doing the research.

Regards, Rich
I would be happy with those NS1000M's too!
I agree 100%, you need to walk away to clear your short term memory IMO to not confuse to process, equally if you visit or demo a truely great and no doubt expensive system I dont listen for a few days to my more humble rig so I dont get an itch I cant reach to scratch.
My parents still have a pair of NS1000Ms. They sound great but they really need good stands to shine. I have often thought about getting a used pair for a second system but they do need their space and I don't have it for that big a second system.
Lohanimal --

I have a slightly different philosophy. Before making any significant changes in your system I courage you to listen to actual live music & mentally note what characteristics or traits you're looking to achieve. After a while comparing equipment to other equipment is analogous to contrasting the appearance of a wax figurine with an equivalent Polaroid image.

When shopping you'll often be provided an opportunity to compare A with B. Mileage will vary depending on the situation which is more suitable based your audible priorities & associated requirements (WAF/budget/etc). However in some cases while solution one may be decisively better sounding -- neither may be accurate in comparison with the real deal.

In the end if the path you travel helps yield a system that you genuinely enjoy the rest is inconsequential.

Greener grass is usually getting more fertilizer.
I guess so. It just took me by surprise.
My apologies for the double post. Computer or operator issues prevented the entire post from making it to the forum.

I am saying that I agree because so often we get caught up in the hype and flavor of the month mentality.

In the search for the sound I want I sometimes lose sight of the goal because of the plethora of choices in audio.
I sold the 1000Ms at a store in the early 80's.One of the nicest sounding midranges I have ever heard,especially with female vocals. Try Joan Armatrading's "Show some Emotion" on vinyl,I used to use this to demo the speakers.Just don't blow the midrange drivers! They were $300.each 25 years ago.Real ebony version is beautiful.Remember their biggest business is musical insturments.I know what you you mean about new stuff fooling you- every once in a while I pull out my old Altec Valencia B horn speakers and hook them up to my triodes- very musical and technology takes a giant step backwards!
Taking on board Bish and Pawlowski.

I do agree with what you say Bish, the problem I find is that enarly all music I get to hear live is via amplifiers, and cheap speakers - I think most live gigs are like that. It is really nice to hear totally unamplified music.

It's one of the reason I like the Yamaha NS1000M's they have superb speed/transient response, and as a result sound very live.

The thing with the NS1000M is that it needs a fast but smooth amplifer, that is also load tolerant. As a result of this I use a Lavardin IT, and the cables I made myself from Microwave cables! I have heard other Berillium Speakers like the Focal JM LAbs, and also some other large JBL's I think, the problem with them is that they do not have the beryllium dome mid driver - again a factor contributory to their speed and voicing.

Simply ut it floats my boat