Good percussion

I’m looking for some really good percussion albums. I really like the Sheffield Drum tracks and I also listen to Jazz. So anything with some outstanding Percussion would be appreciated.

Let's say yer listening to the ipod/portable player on the train.

You can fit in pretty good/blood chemisrty is okay, mild euphoria:

Mo Boma/Myths of the Future (any of the 3)
Mokave/ any of em'
Glen Velez/Pan Eros
Reinhard Flatischler/Megadrums
Ned Rothenberg/Synch (both discs have great tablas)

It's getting a little harder to maintain, can't hold back the occasional sardonic grin and spastic body movement:

Ronald Shannon Jackson/Puttin' On Dog
Andrew Cyrille & Maonao/Metamusician's Stomp
Dougie Bowne/One Way Elevator
Paul Wertico Trio/Live in Warsaw
Anders Johansson/Red Shift
Jim Black/Alasnoaxis
Good For Cows/Less Than Or Equal To
Indica Project/Horn OK Please
Richard Johnson & Jud Martindale/Creatures of Habit
Max Roach/Pictures in a Frame

People won't sit next to you, yer' losin' it/ watch out for men in white coats:

Lucas Niggli-Sylvie Courvoisier/Lavin
Ducret-Previte/In the Grass
Bobby Previte/Slay the Suitors
Dave Storrs/Another Thing
Lee-Van der Schyff/These Are Our Shoes
John French/O Solo Drumbo
Bang On A Can/Industry
Double Yellow/Double Yellow
Brad Dutz/Heat The Grill Cook Loin
Tony Oxley/Floating Phantoms
Kornstad Trio/Space Available
Jonas Hellborg/Good People
Massacre/Meltdown, Killing Time, Funny Valentine