Good options for monitor Audio sliver line

Hello I have the newer design monitor audio silver 8 speakers , and am currently using a marantz 7008 avr to push them . I bought a emotiva xpa amp to add some more sound to the speakers , but sold it the next day . The marantz avr sounded better . Any ways I’m looking into staying with marantz , and stepping up into the seperates realm with the 7702mkii or 8802 but need to find a good amp that matches with my gear . For now I would like to add a amp just to the receiver , then step up to the pre amp. I wanted to to try intergrated but I use subs in my setup and Sonos for audio . I realize my stuff is not super high end , but I do appreciate a great sound , and try to get by while still raising a young family . I was told to buy a lexicon , or b&k 200.7 amp , but would like stuff newer with a warranty , unless these two amps are the bees knees .. Thoughts???

Sorry, just a bit confused.

You have a Marantz AVR, bought an Emotiva XPA power amp but then sold it the next day because you thought the AVR sounded better.  So now you want to buy another amp?

You already tried one and didn't like it.  So why are you looking for another one to connect to your receiver? 

Have you looked into the Marantz integrated amps?  The PM8005 ($1200 retail) might be a good choice for you. Has pre out for driving subs. Also 2 sets of speaker binding posts. The PM7005 ($1000 retail) has built in DAC. 

Yes I have the monitor audios hooked up to the 7008 avr because I use it for music and movies . The room isn’t dedicated , so I need a multipurpose system (family room)) . I bought a emotiva xpa amp and didn’t like the emo house sound for music purposes , (bright , and a little harsh) for movies though it worked great . I want a power amp because I was thinking of moving into a pre amp . I thought about going intergrated , but how would this work still for movies , without having to switch speaker cables around from intergrated to receiver ?
Also would a intergrated be powerful enough my speakers , They are 4 ohm 200 watt ?
Your speakers also have a sensitivity of 90db making them pretty efficient.  Any 100 wpc integrated that is stable and rated into 4 ohms will drive your speakers to sound levels higher than you would be comfortable listening at.

Also it is not the amp that will give you the improvement with music you are looking for.   It's the preamp!  This is why you were not happy with the Emotiva power amp. It drove your speakers just fine but you were still held hostage by your AVR's poor stereo preamp, even in so called "pure direct" mode.  It's an afterthought with an AVR.

If your serious about music, look into a 2 channel integrated amp designed for music with an HT Bypass feature.  You can seamlessly incorporate this unit into your existing surround sound system and also have a true Hifi stereo in one installation.   Google HT bypass to learn more.

Any intergrated amps with a ht bypass that you recommend?? Thanks for the input by the way
You're welcome.
Take a look at the Marantz Pm8005, PM14s1, PM11s3 all reference series integrateds built in Japan with HT Bypass. 

You up can also look at the Parasound Halo Integrated and Krell S300i.  Any of these will drive your MA's effortlessly, smoke any AVR or HT separates and sound wonderful with music.  Good luck!
paraneer nailed it.  The new Yamaha integrateds ~$2K, might be worth checking out, some very positive vibe.  

So if  I get a  intergrated amp do I still hook up the speakers and sub via my avr? I'm confused on the whole ordeal 
if you get an integrated with a HT pass through, your main speakers would be driven by the amp in the integrated when it was in pass-through mode, you would still use sub hook-up on the AVR and the pre-out from the AVR to the integrated for the front two channels, the other speakers would be driven by your amp in the avr. I am a fan of this because it lets you have a better two channel performance while also meshing in with the home theater application.  You can also effectively do the same thing with an integrated without HT pass through by setting the volume level on the integrated to the same spot when you are using the HT but this can be a little risky as if you forget the volume up on high and flip sources then it will be pretty loud.  I wouldn't trust myself, it would be a matter of time before I would make the mistake.  

I did the HT pass through for a long time but ended up with a pre-amp and amp that were not really compatible for this type of application so I go a second set of front speakers for my HT and run two independent systems. I know that the HT would perform better with the better speakers but you know, life if full of compromises.
Would i still be able to use a sub with the intergrated via two channel music as well as HT ? I'm very limited in space and one set of speakers will have to work , but I see your point . Will I get just as good performance buying a two channel amp and using the avr as a pre out , or just buying a dedicated pre pro / amd with a good two channel analog section ?
I am not a sub expert but I believe it would be a challenge to use in both applications with a HT pass through set-up.  Most just use the sub for the HT aspect.  Your speakers by themselves should perform pretty damn well in bass department with a good amp driving them.  

You have now started three different threads Nesto in an attempt to improve your 2 channel listening and everytime an integrated is suggested, you keep going back to questions about HT stuff.  We really are trying to help you.  But they are two different things and HT is great for car crashes, explosions and battles between giant robots but Not For Music!

So, I will repeat again...a 2 channel amp & AVR will not give you what your looking for.  You tried it with the Emotiva and didn't like it.  A different power amp with your AVR will not help.  A dedicated pre/pro and power amp will not give it to you either.  You would still be stuck with the sub-par stereo preamp section that HT gear has.

For good 2 channel stereo, you need good 2 channel components that were designed for stereo.  Not HT stuff designed for digital surround sound!

I will explain an integrated with HT bypass again.  One pair of interconnects from you L/R main pre-outs of your AVR into the HT inputs or Power Amp Direct inputs of the integrated.  All analog sources (TT, CD, Tape Deck, etc.)  are connected to the integrated.  All digital sources, (Blu-ray, Gaming System, etc.) are connected to the AVR.  The integrated powers the main speakers ALL THE TIME, regardless of source.  The AVR powers the center and surrounds only when you want a digital source.  

For 2 channel you only turn on the integrated and use its volume knob (in other words, its preamp section).  And you get true high quality HiFi stereo.  For multi-channel, you turn on the AVR and use its volume knob - all with the push of one button on the integrated.   And you get surround sound.  This is exactly how my system is configured. 

If a sub is important for 2 channel listening, consider getting a REL that can be simultaneously connected to both the integrated and an AVR.  Or some integrated amps with HT Bypass now offer sub-out jacks,.  Like the Parasound Halo Integrated.  Come to think of it, this unit would be all you need. 

I hope it is all clear now.