gold discs - doors

Any opinions on the gold discs from Audio Fidelity of the Doors? Compressed, any better than the run of the mill discs, etc.
Audio Fidelity only did one - "Soft Parade" AFZ 038.

DCC did all the other Doors albums.

The DCCs are splendid, but the Audio Fidelity album has had mixed reviews.

I like the new remasters with all the extras but haven't really compared sound quality.
Didn't Audio Fidelity release two? I have Soft Parade, sounds pretty good. Also owned all the DCC Doors releases which also sounded pretty good.
BTW: DCC had Soft Parade scheduled for release just before they went under.

Have read many complaints about the other Audio Fidelity release, wasn't it Morrison Hotel? A lot of criticism of Steve Hoffman on that one. He usually does a great job.
Did he re-master all of the Audio Fidelity and DCC Doors CDs?

Also have a complete box set with all CDs in mini-lp covers that sounds pretty good.
It's listed on the Audio Fidelity site: Morrison Hotel AFZ 037
If I remember correctly, the complaints were about some kind of clicks or something like that. I don't really know firsthand since I've never heard this particular version.

I don't believe DCC made Soft Parade or Morrison Hotel although I believe they planned to before unfortunately going belly up. I always felt Dunhill Compact Classics (DCC) was underrated compared to Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (Mofi or MFSL).
IMO: Their releases were much more consistent in quality than Mofi.

Doors DCC Gold CDs:

The Doors GZS-1023 1992
Strange Days GZS-1026 1992
LA Woman GZS-1034 1993
Waiting For The Sun GZS-1045 1993

Doors Audio Fidelity Gold CDs:

Morrison Hotel AFZ-037
Soft Parade AFZ-038
Here are some Japanese releases to consider:
The Doors WPCR-13280
Strange Days WPCR-13602
Waiting For The Sun WPCR-13603
These are not gold CDs but sound very good.
Caveat; I have not heard Strange Days from this series but own the other two.