Going to see Roger Waters in concert

I just picked up tickets to see Roger Waters, who's coming to Atlanta in May. He's doing the Dark Side Of The Moon tour. If it's as good as a German recording I've heard, I'll be in for a special evening. I can't wait for this show!

Now if we could only get Roger, Nick, David and Richard back on stage for a world tour as Pink Floyd... that would be FANTASTIC!
I saw this Tour at The Hollywood Bowl last year.You are in for a Treat.Has The Old Pink Floyd vibe more than the Pulse Tour did,Song selection I guess.Was in surround with Big screens around.State of the Art with some cool special effects.Prepare your Head.JD
What`s going on the with the
Delicate Sound Of Thunder DVD?
Is it out yet? I know that Pulse has been
out for awhile now.
I saw Roger do the same tour in October, it was very good besides the bad venue. I would recommend some ear plugs to tone down the high levels, i forgot mine and paid for it for about a week. I cant remember the female vocalist he had with him who did "great gig in the sky" but she nailed it, in fact better than the original IMO. Enjoy it.
Hi Dawgbite. I live in Atlanta too, and wasn't sure if I should go to this show. I've seen Pink Floyd several times, including their Animals tour in '77. I saw Roger on one of his tours in the 80's and he was very good. But is it worth it to hear his band do Dark Side without David, et al? And what's the sound like in Philips? I haven't been there for a concert yet, and am generally weary of the sound quality of basketball arenas.
Saw this show last year. If you're a Floyd fan at all, you need to go. It is most excellent.
He's gonna be around here, but $100+ per ticket?!? Am I the only one that thinks that's a lot of money and that Roger Waters is not Pink Floyd...



He's got a new release "officially" the end of March. More info here . Go see him. I saw the Radio KAOS tour and it was one of the top 5 concerts I EVER saw. He always has an outstanding lineup with him.
If I had the money and he was playing close to me I would go, and who knows I might even be 'Amused to death"
Nrchy that's not true. I too don't think that Roger Waters is Pink Floyd. Anyone who doubts this should pick up Rick Wrights Broken China and have a listen. In fact they have been playing songs that he wrote on the radio out here in L.A. from the soundtrack of a new movie called "Hello I Love You" that he contributed too that sounds so much like Pink Floyd after Waters left. It is some really good stuff.
Saw this show in Seattle a few months ago and highly recommend it. While it's not the Pink Floyd concert I saw in the '70s it is still great. You are right about them missing David Gilmour, it takes 3 guitarists in the current lineup to replace him.
Two entities that love and want to perform the same music. DSOTM is essentially a cover tune for these two entities. Sad that they can't join forces and perform it as an original instead of a cover. The politics and personalities of rock bands; sometimes time doesn't heal. Funny how Roger didn't write that into the lyrics.
Thomasedison - I saw Dave Mathews at Philips and it was fine. I think Roger is a stickler for sound quality, so it really doesn't matter where he plays - it's going to sound good. Would I prefer he play at the Fox? Yes!

As for playing DSOTM without the other PF members... it's not an issue for me. I've heard a live recording of Roger's version and I think it sounds fantastic. To me PF's music invites improvisation, so if Roger's versions stray from the original it doesn't take away from the essence of those songs. PF was highly experimental and no two shows were exactly alike, so I welcome his interpretation of DSOTM.

Is it worth paying $100 to see him? It depends on how much you like PE and Roger's solo work. For me it was a no brainer. I seldom go to concerts any more, so splurging on a group or artist like Roger is worth it to me.
thanks for the heads up dawgbyt....i'm going to see the show when it comes to west palm beach florida...
I have seen roger waters three times; his 6 city tour with clapton, radio kaos tour, and his previous in the flesh tour.
I wish he would have toured on his amused to death release. as for dsotm tour --come on. to me this is just another excuse for an old rocker to go for the money grab. get your filthy hands off of my....
Tickets for this show can be bought for as little as $30.00. And yes, Roger Waters was and is Pink Floyd. If you doubt this listen to anything Floyd made after he left, re-hashed crap.
Saw him playing March 14th here in Santiago, Chile.
I also saw him about four years ago and the current DOSTM tour is absolutely incredible, I was in heaven for two hours plus the sound was much better than the last time.
You can only regret not going.
Saw him in Feb. here in Dubai. What can I say,class act.Sound for an outdoor venue was very good and the backing vocals were excellent.Great song line up as well,sang along to every one.Go, i don't think you'll be disappointed.