Goertz Zobel?


I hear it's best to use zobel on SS amps but how should I install them? I thought I read it connects at the back of the amps speaker ends + - but that seems like it will short out the amp, maybe not since it is a resistor. My cables are bi-wire. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

On the amp terminals is recommended. If you are biwiring from a single pair of amp terminals, it should be fine.

With a multichannel amp, I had some problems with the physical space needed and I had to connect the zobels with bananas and the cables with spades but any arrangement should work.

Speaker terminals.
When I owned Goertz MI-2 speaker cables they recommended the ends with the Zobels be connected to the speaker terminals.
Zoebels at the speaker terminals.You may need two pairs,if they aren't built-in to the cables.All Zoebels are not created equally.

Any of you have any pictures of them installed? I need to see some pics before I install.