Any Effects of High Capacitance Cables and Zobels?

In the speaker cable hunt I pulled out my Speltz anticables and inserted some new Alpha Core Goertz MI 2's. It so happens that at the point I yanked the anticables my system was finally playing with the bass and fullness in the mids and low end that I have been waiting for. Unfortunately, the upper mids and highs needed help. (I'm aware of the issue of self inductance with anticables)
My speakers (Def Tech 7000) are bi-wireable but I run them single wire from a Plinius 9200. I had the anticables connected to the bass terminals of my speakers so I connected the MI 2's to the bass terminals also. As you may know, the MI 2's come with RC Links aka "Zobels" because these cables have high capacitance and could cause some amplifiers to go into oscillation or shutdown. The Zobels are designed to keep the amplifier stable. I connected the Zobels to the bass terminals of the speakers as well (suprised to see they're just little wires). The sound of the system with the MI 2's in place was very clear, clean and detailed just as the cables are known for, but the fullness and low end weight was very much lacking. I later dediced to remove the MI 2's as a result of the lack of weight/ fullness and lean presentation. Alpha Core says they require little if any break in so they were in and playing for 24 hours.

When I put the anticables back in, for the first time, everything in the sonic presentation was tipped up. With the anticables in, the highs and upper mids were very present, more than I'd ever heard them before and the bass weight was far less. I've had my system running going on 3 days with the anitcables in place since then but as of this today the bass fullness and bass punch I had before has been replaced by a leaner more tipped up midrange and high end with less fullness and bass weight. What's your thoughts on this? My speakers have amplified subs. Can the Zobels that were connected to the bass terminals of the speakers permanently affect the perfomance of the sub amps (or the Plinius) and the speaker performance in general? Thanks for reading and I'm sorry for the long post.
I would first check that ALL the connections in my system are secure. It's possible that uplugging and plugging the speaker cables has disturbed something else. Also, I believe the anti-cables can be dependant on things like positioning and proximity to each other, as well as proximity to other cables (and even the carpeting), so I would check those things also.
The Anticables aren't broken in yet. (Months, not weeks)