GMA Europa owners use what amp?

Curious what over GMA Europa owners are using to push their speakers. Do you use a sub?
When I owned them I was using a McCormack DNA-125, it paired very well with the Europas. No sub. Great speakers and Roy and Co. are excellent.

I owned GMA Europas for over a year. I ran them with a Pass Labs x250 SS amp, then a Manley Stingray Integrated and finally with a pair of AES Sixpacs. I much preferred tubes with the Europas, their bottom end is not to impress, I liked the magic of the mids and highs and what the tubes did with them. My opinion, I've talked to others who had exactly the opposite findings. It all comes down to personal choice.
I am using a DK VS 1 (mark1) Seems to work for me enough to say I want to move up Roy's line.

Someone in the Sakura Systems gallery used a 25 watt Gaincard.
I built a system entirely around the Europas without ever first hearing them. On Roy's quiet recommendation I bought Edge gear -- the M8 amp and T-3 preamp. Marvelous. I learned a lot about high-fidelity with this setup. About a year afterwards, I inserted rebuilt Heathkit UA-2 monoblocs with NOS tubes. Heavenly!

The M8 emits 175 watts and had seemingly limitless current reserves; The UA-2's are 50 years old, dual 6BQ5's per side, pounding out a measured 16 watts per side. Huge transformers. Absolutely flat from 20hz to >20khz.

I am always conscious of the need to be careful not to overdrive the smaller amps, possibly damaging the tweeters, but I honestly do not suffer for realistic SPL's. They are really impressive. And this is a sound I can live with for a long time. I should add that there is a single Tyler sub good down to mid-twenties also in the system.

I also have Allen 75's (60 watts per side)and Sherwood S-360's (36 watts per side). These also are in the same league with the UA-2's.

By the way, I sold the Edge pieces and could not be more happy and satisfied with my sound.

Amps and preamps may come and go but I think I'll have the Europas a long time.
I should have emphasized that I have no complaints about the Edge equipment. My happiness is of a completely subjective nature having to do with the preferred equipment, not in the fact of having rid myself of Edge gear. Edge Electronics is a first class company with commensurate people and equipment.
I've driven mine in 3 configurations - in my primary system I have B&K M200 Sonata monoblocks. I've also used them for the fronts in a HT system driven by a B&K AV5125. Finally, I tried them with a Bedini 100.100 for a bit. The best result is with the M200's (as one might expect), though they are quite satisfying w/ both the AV5125 and the 100.100.

I'm trying to build a Tube rig now around the Europas. It sounds like I can anticipate good results. I haven't decided on an amp just yet.

For my tastes, and in my room, the Europas must have a sub. I'm running a Rel Storm III.
I use a Densen B100, a minimalist SS design which has been described as SET like mid-high with SS bass in reviews.

Roy uses and recommends EDGE amps ... also a minimalist SS design. Having seen an EDGE integrated with the lid off it looks almost exactly like my Densen inside .... big power supply a minimal signal path.

The europas are pretty revealing, so I would expect harsh SS designs would be a bad partner, and tubes could work very well.

In my opinion you need to budget for sub. I run my Europas with a REL strata crossed at 50Hz and it's a great combo. Without the sub the Europas would struggle on rock and orchestral music.
I also run mine two ways:
For HT, Sherwood P965 with Adcom 555II (yeah, I know!). Very dynamic, but a can be a bit harsh.
For music only, a Cayin TA-30 really makes music, even with only 35 watts/channel. I have a fairly small room, 13' x 13' with 7.5' ceilings. Volume rarely goes above 10 oclock. I use a sub only for HT, in this room bass response is pretty impressive even without.
I own the Callisto and Cary products seem to be a great match for GMA. I use a Rocket 88R and I am very happy with the results. The Europa should sing in the same manner.
I have used europas with a carver lightstar, aragon palladiums, and an MF trivista integrated, and they all worked well. The carver had the most bass, the MF was the most detailed, and the aragon was in between. I think they are pretty forgiving, just don't underpower them.
Buy an Art Sla 1 on Ebay for $160. Put a decent power cord on it and some decent footers. This Art will floor you. Yes, I said $160 new. I own three of them and love them. I also own a Mcintosh 402 and the Art is not as good. Ha! But it not far behind. Nor was it far behind some other big buc amps I have owned.

Most interesting little amp! Feel free to email me if you want to talk on it as most folks will just dismiss it on price only. To bad! 100 watts per channel with dual volume pots and XLR's only. Can use a 1/4 inch to RCA adaptor also.