Inexpensive Integrated for GMA Europas

Hello All,

I need some suggestions! I'm helping some friends put together an inexpensive system. So far I've lined up a Cambridge Audio D500SE CDP (I've owned this myself, and it's quite good for the money) and a pair of GMA Europas. I'm looking for an integrated to drive these speakers. The room is moderate size, around 12x18x9. My budget is $400 to $500, and a remote is not necessarily required. I'm thinking Jolida 1501, which has 12AX7 input and SS output sections and provides 100wpc. They don't want a real tube amp, too complicated for them. Any other good matches? Thanks.

PS - as for cabling, I'm thinking cheap: romex or Home Depot 12 gage wire for speakers. Any thoughts?
Turn them on to SETs with a Norh SE9. It's the best deal in audio today and probably for a while! The Europas will work just fine on 9 watts. Trust me, it will be magic.
The Norh SE9 is an SE (single ended) design, not SET (single ended triode). Other than that...
Yea, I know it's single ended pentode. But's it's still a fine amp for $400.00 delivered to your door.
In fact, the el 34 is the only pentode that can be wired triode without blending grids. The Se9 is not a Art Audio 300B , but it ain't bad for a beginner and will satisfy for a while. I use it for a back up, it and a Decware Zen select.
The Europas are fantastic speakers, but need good stands, and good distance from rear walls (I own a pair).

I'm driving mine with a Densen B100 and the sound is terrific, but that amp, even used is a bit beyond your price range.

The europas are 4 ohm, but seem to be an easy load on the densen amp and quikly get too loud for me.

In your price range two that come to mind are the rega brio and the creek 4330. Arcam may have something in that range also. An older Naim Nait could be found for that money, but is rarer.

You have the makings of a great system.
Minimal coloration and maximum transparency from a 400 dollar tube amp with 9 watts output driving a sealed box enclosure having less than a 90db efficiencey rating from less than a thousand dollar speaker pair with an audience who from previous posts appears to be much younger than me and me remembering myself at that age playing the music that I played then and do sometimes still would have clipped the hell out of a 9 watt amp trying to achieve the near concert hall levels I tried to reproduce at home resulting in gross distortion and blown drivers.What about bass control and extension while playing back Dark Side of the Moon?..Nad or Arcam would be the product of suggestion for this speaker and most of the audience seen on these pages expressing buying signs for this particular GMA product..Tom
Tom, that was a wonderfully long and entertaining sentence! So - anyone have any thoughts on this Jolida amp? I've seen generally good reports on it. Also, Roy at GMA speaks highly of a few early '80s vintage integrateds like some Onkyos and Harmon Kardons. Trying to make a good system on the cheap here. Thanks again.
Luxman 491 integrated is oft overlooked. Tube preamp section with 90 wpc SS power section. This amp is quick, very musical and has the muscle to easily drive the Europas. About $350 used. Tubes will last for 5 years with normal use and should actually be upgraded from the stock.
In my home theatre, I drive Europas with one of the Panasonic digital AV receivers. Terrific results in my application, though for music-only, I can't say. Might want more power. But you can get these receivers for around $300 new.
I was looking at this price range for an integrated amp. I ended up buying at Cayin TA30 from Bizzy Bee (modified) for about $900 and haven't looked back. I love the sound. I'm happy and content.

Regarding speaker wire, I got some cheap wire ($75) from Audio Magic per Roy's recommendation. Yes. I have the Europas too. My interconnects are Cryo 3 Virtual Dynamics connected to a modified Sony CE-775.
Strong second on the Cayin. Too complicated? I havent touched mine in almost 5 months. Great match.
I agree with Tom on the Norh. Have speakers ranging from 85db effeciency to 92 db and previously having a 40wpc Jolida 202A tube amp, there is no way a 9wpc tube amp would have enough in some 89db speakers, for myself at least.

I would go with your original idea of the Jolida 1501A.
Fellows, If there is one thing I've learned in Audio is. Never say what will or will not work. Always try it.(within reason) I use a Korneff 45 amp (2 watts) to drive my GMA C-3s and it is wonderful. I've had the Europas on the same amp. It was not quite as strong as on the C-3s. That's when I tried a 300B on the Europas and it was magical. The Norh just happens to be a very good 9 watt integrated in this guys budget. In fact, the Norh beats a lot of amps that cost as much as 5 times it's price!