George-Warren Turntable

Has anyone listened to this turntable yet? I have seen one review and would like other opinions. I like the look and the price but the sound comes first.
This is for a second table as I am very happy with my Basis Debut. I change wands for my Phantum to go between mono and stereo.
I talked with the maker and said I was interested but I need to be able to mount 2 arms on my next table. One arm for mono and the other setup for 7" 45s. I feel 45s really need a differant setup because of the thinkness and width. He said he was in the process of adding another arm board and would inform me when it was completed.
Any info would be helpful.
I have owned George Warren table for 2 months now and can honestly say it's a super table in every respect.It sounds like you have a great 1st table and if you've got the cash-you couldn't spend it on a better designed turntable.I still use my RB300 and a Zu Audio dl103 but have a pete riggle woody tonearm on order.Had a VPI MK 3 for many years but this table is so much better it's riduculous.If somone offered me VPI's top table in exchange for my George Warren-no thx.This is the best bargain on a high end table today.I highly reccomend it!Also George is a prince to talk to and deal with.
We used one in our room at THE SHOW Newport and I was quite impressed with the table (even with the Rega/Incognito arm supplied with it which would not be my personal choice), as were a few others including the Stereophile reviewer that posted coverage of our room (Electra-Fidelity, Fritz Speakers, WyWires, and Zesto Audio).

George Warren is great to work with and the table is a great value in my opinion.
I met George Widman, owner of George Warren Precision Sound at CES in January. After hearing and seeing his turntable, I was so impressed I told him I would buy one on the spot. I requested a custom made table using Macassar Ebony which Geoge searched and found a source of the rare wood at a good price. George kept me in the loop through all phases of the building process, sending me photos as it progressed. This is truly a hand made turntable and George is very concerned about quality like nobody I know. As for the sound, I was impressed with the sound with the stock tonearm (Rega Moth 2), but I chose to upgrade to a Tri-Planar Mk VII. A custom arm board was beautifully built out of 3/8-inch thick clear acrylic. I added a Benz-Micro LP S MR cartridge and have never looked back. With the 12-volt outboard drive motor and monofiliament drive belt this is the quietest turntable I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. The build quality and George's commitment to hand-crafting a beautiful product is second to none. This is truly a bargain in high-end turntables.


Here's a link to help with geometry issues for 7 inch singles.
7 inch geometry


Do you have any photos of your table? I can be reached through the Audiogon email system. Thanks.

Don't have any photos at the moment, but will make an effort to get you some. Not sure how to post them through the forum, though. Any suggestions??, or we could go through standard e-mail.

The reviews and your comments regarding the George Warren turntable are very impressive but how do you contact George?  His website provides no way to contact him and has nothing that I could find regarding his turntable.  I did find two telephone numbers, one connected to a review, both are no longer in service.

Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

I think member "winggo" is George, google found George Warren Precision Sound address: 5400, N 7th Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Tel no:  (605) 335-5925

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coolhandluke, would love to know your experience with the Pete Riggle arm when you have evaluated it.