Genesis 350 Experience

I won an auction for the Genesis 350, I yet to receive them but I expect a lot of improvment over my Martin Logan ReQuest. Any one who has experince with them can share his with us?
I am an owner of the Genesis 200's, which are similar to yours except mine have the seperate subwoofer towers.
A couple of things that seem to work for me during the set-up. Pull the speakers at least 3ft. from the back wall. Leave the back wall untreated, no acoustical treatment - remember that these speakers are voicing in both directions and need the back wall to reflect that sound. Do not toe-in the speakers, leave them parallel to the back wall. I also got good results putting BDR cones under the speakers.
As far as the subwoofer/cross-over settings, you will just have to experiment(use the manual as a start with their suggested initial settings).
I love my Genesis 200's. By far the finest speakers I have ever owned!
Gfroman, thank you very mcuh for your comments. I just finished listening to my new 350 (first 3 hours. i used the initial set up and that was it. I couldn't move from my chair to do anything else. I had a big smile on face that is all. 3 hours one shot. WOW
Hello Myoussif. we had earlier e-mail contact but I did not know you had a genesis 350
I am owning a pair of Genesis 350 SE and they are realy fantastic.but dufficult to set up.Before the Genesis 350 I listened for years to electrostatic speakers. The last were Martin Logan Monolith 3.Then I was owning a pair of Genesis 350 and The manuel of the Genesis 350 is very good and when you follow the instructions it will bring you lots of pleasure. There was never a Manuel of the Genesis 350 SE on the Genesis site and also no foto of these speaker so I think you can easily use the manuel of the Genesis 350. I am so happy with this speaker. When you are a dipole fan this is the best speaker you can have.Now I have problems with my Genesis-amp. There is a 1 Khz beep on one channel and it starts when I knock on the amp. It is only one and the same channel.Also when I switch on the amp the beep starts sometimes.I and my dealer asked Genesis for technical help but untill now no answer!!!

Phill from Holland
Phill, it seams that we have similar taste. I love my speakers and I find them very easy to set up. I don't know if there is much difference between the 350 and the 350SE, I would hope there is a lot since the price difference was a lot. As for your amp, I used to have the contact of the guys who make the amp may be they can help you. I have to look for it on my computer at work. send a seperate email and I should be able to get the info.
Myoussif, great speakers -- good for you! There are some(sort of) user-friendly upgrades available for the ribbon part. If I'm not mistaken, you can find info at the ribbon loudspeakers forum of & also at (an audioclub). Apparently, a new Co has been set up to con'nue Genesis ( s/thing like that).
BTW, I'm looking for schematics for my servo (I have the smaller Gen V's) but can't find them anywhere... if anyone has info, much obliged! Cheers
The difference between the Genesis 350 and the 350 SE is easy to recognize. Much more detail with the 350 SE and a better bass response.It is important that the amount of tweeters is the same as the amount or length of the midrange.
So you have this with the 350 SE. You can easily hear more from your CD's